Summit Semester

Summit Semester trains students to live well by worshipping God with their head, heart, and hands.

Summit Semester combines top-tier academic training in a discipleship-focused environment. Semester offers students an extraordinary opportunity for growth and for excellence. Students will be taught to worship God with their head (truth), heart (relationships), and hands (practical living). 

  • Truth: Students will learn from some of the nation’s top Christian scholars to help them understand how to think well and Christianly.
  • Relationship: Summit Semester staff will help nurture each student’s spiritual formation while forming genuine relationships with fellow classmates.
  • Practical Living: Students will learn what it looks like to form good habits and live like a Christian in their day-to-day lives.

Summit Semester is a one-of-kind, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This 3-month journey will start in the classroom with studies in the areas of Literature, Philosophy, Bible, Ethics, Religion/Worldview, Church History, and Critical Thinking.  This liberal arts educational approach within a thriving Christian community will prepare students for the challenges they will face at the university and throughout life. Students will be motivated to become influential leaders who intentionally and effectively shape their culture for the glory of God and the good of our society.

Why Summit Semester?

Students will live in a retreat environment in the San Juan Mountains of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Over the course of the semester, students will be removed from distractions they encounter on a daily basis. This discipline will help students evaluate the culture, themselves, and how they may live out their God-given identities. By taking this time of retreat, students will be more prepared to make a difference in the world as they re-engage upon their graduation from Semester. 

Summit Semester Registration

2021 Dates
Sept 3 – November 26

“You really can’t compare Semester to the Student Conference. Yes, they have similarities but they are also completely different.

If Christ is my anchor, Summit Semester is the chain that has held me to Him. What I learned in the classroom and in the community is what kept me from walking away from my faith.

Being at Semester allowed me to gain a better understanding of not only God but of myself as well. It gave me the tools necessary to think through very difficult topics, and controversial theological points of view.”

– John K., 2018 Student

What Students are Saying

Meet the Summit Semester Director

Tripp Almon joined Summit in 2018 and serves as the Director of Programs and Summit Semester. He relocated to the great state of Colorado with his wife, Megan, and their kids, Neely and Rogan, from the little town of Newnan, Georgia — just south of Atlanta. Tripp’s passion for educating students in the areas of Christian theology, worldview, and apologetics grew in large part from growing up in a Christian home and then struggling profoundly with the tidal wave of cultural ideas that engulfed him as he entered a secular university. Thankfully, his experience taught him that Christianity not only stands in the marketplace of ideas — it soars.
Before joining Summit, Tripp, a former elite gymnast, coached gymnastics for more than two decades and served as a pastor for 10 years. He and his family love the outdoors and adventure sports, particularly off-road motorcycling.  Tripp is also a rally car co-driver with Almon Brothers Racing Team — 2017 champions of the NASA Rally Atlantic Cup Series.