On-Campus Activities

Sports: After spending the morning and early afternoon in the classroom listening to fascinating lectures and interacting with speakers, participants will enjoy a few hours of free time in the sunny outdoors every afternoon! Most afternoons, organized games of ultimate freebie, volleyball, and soccer will be held. Whether you get excited about running around for several hours or just enjoy watching (and cheering!), there will be plenty of excitement on the sports fields.

Swimming: Biola’s campus has an outdoor pool which charges a small fee to swim each day. Girls, pack a one-piece, guys, bring shorts. (The longer the better!) (Costs $4 a day.)

Indoor: If the outdoors aren’t your thing, students can discuss the day’s lectures or play guitars (Feel free to bring your instruments to Summit — at least those that can easily fit in a dorm room!) on Biola’s beautiful patios during the afternoon.

Performance Night: A tradition of Summit California is the famous performance night. Bring your instruments, funny or unique talents, skits, etc. and try out for this exciting evening. Just to be honest – it IS hard to land a spot in this show!

Off-Campus Activities

See this link for the required activity waives. 

The BEACH! Students will have the opportunity to visit one of LA’s lovely beaches. Girls, pack a one-piece, guys, bring shorts. (The longer the better!)

Paintball: Hollywood Sports Park

Rock Climbing: Rock City Climbing