Introducing Foundations

Our brand new 9th grade Bible curriculum!

Foundations is the first year in a new four-volume Understanding the Times Series completely rewritten and updated for high school.

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Building Knowledge, Wisdom, and Faith

Discipling the rising generation can be tough, but we’ve been equipping Christians for this task for sixty years. Let us help you train the next generation to love God with their hearts and minds!

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Dr. Roger Erdvig

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Dr. Roger Erdvig works with Christian schools and universities to support their efforts at cultivating biblical worldview formation in children, youth, and young adults.

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Time-tested Resources from Top Teachers, Scholars, and Curriculum Developers

Biblical Worldview
Builds a framework for living biblically in every area of life

Teaches children how to defend their faith

Real-Life Application
Applies what kids are learning to today’s world

Easy to Teach
Lesson plans and resources guide you step-by-step

Engaging Activities
Games, plays, and projects that bring the Bible to life

Socratic Questioning
Questions that connect a student’s mind and faith