Experts Guide to Curriculum Review

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The Expert's Guide to Curriculum Review

About the Author

Dr. Roger Erdvig is Summit Ministries’ Director of Center for Biblical Worldview Formation. He has experience as a head of school, pastor, university professor, and homeschool parent of five.

Dr. Erdvig has invested his life in cultivating a biblical worldview in others. In his role at Summit, Roger works with Christian schools, universities, churches, and families to assess and advance their efforts at cultivating biblical worldview formation in children, youth, and young adults.

How can my school benefit?

We have in mind three different scenarios in relation to curricular review. Some schools have a curricular review process in place, and you are cyclically reviewing each of your school’s subject areas, leading to careful decisions about curriculum that consider academic goals and a commitment to Biblical worldview immersion. If this is you, this article may spark a few ideas for continually improving this process.

Other schools may struggle with an outdated or unclear process. You review the curriculum, but your framework and steps need to be updated or clarified. Or, perhaps you’ve recognized it’s time to refocus your goals and processes to reflect the wave of changes that Christian schools have navigated since 2020. If either of these applies to you, consider this article a possible template or a set of ideas for your school. You can use or adapt our process to fit your unique needs. Take parts of it; leave others.

Finally, some schools may still need to establish regular curriculum review processes. We understand this. Urgent priorities, including staffing challenges, school crises, rapid growth, or enrollment challenges, can quickly crowd out curriculum review. If this is you, we hope this article will provide enough details and resources to give you a clear track to run on so that you can begin reviewing your first subject area as soon as possible.

Regardless of where you fall in the three categories listed above, we firmly believe that curricular review is a fundamental aspect of your role as an instructional leader. And since it is so central to the mission of every Christian school, taking a few moments to evaluate your process and seek to improve is time well spent. Get the Guide.

Summit Bible Curriculum

Building on the Rock (Elementary) lays the groundwork for worldview education for the youngest students.

Walking in Truth (Middle School) trains students to defend their faith and respond to counterfeit worldviews. 

Foundations (High School) equips students with a profound understanding of the Bible’s metanarrative and its implications for personal and communal life.

Understanding the Times (High School) prepares young believers to defend a Christian worldview against other belief systems.