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August 12, 2013

Summit Announces New Initiative To Serve Alumni

Summit Announces New Initiative To Serve Alumni

“Summit isn’t just a one-time experience,” says Summit President Dr. Jeff Myers. “We intend to continue walking with our students as they live influential lives in our culture.” Realizing this vision is the goal of Summit’s newest endeavor — the Summit Alumni Network — which will provide Summit grads with ongoing conversations, long-distance training, networking opportunities, and even the invitation to form local Summit alumni groups.

The Summit Alumni Network is headed up by Paige Gutacker, a full-time Summit staffer and alum herself (Summit Tennessee: 2002, 2003). A certified life coach, Paige has a passion for people development and a penchant for actively listening and asking questions to support others’ growth and success. Along with her husband, Paul, Paige co-authored Cultivate: Forming the Emerging Generation through Life-on-Life Mentoring with Summit President Dr. Jeff Myers in 2010. “What makes me so excited about building the Summit Alumni Network is how amazing our alumni are,” Paige says. “The opportunity to bring them into dialogue with one another is really thrilling!”

Four Ways You Can Get Involved Now

1. Connect with Fellow Alumni Online:

  • Twitter. Follow @SummitAlumni to get daily links to thought-provoking articles, book reviews, and blog posts. Tweets pose serious questions and provide helpful conversation starters, sparking cultural engagement and theological thinking.
  • Facebook. For free resources, key updates, and a place to encourage one another, join the group by going to Facebook and searching for “Summit Alumni Network” or by clicking here.
  • LinkedIn. Click here or search “Summit Alumni Network” in LinkedIn and join for networking and sharing job postings.

2. Gather Locally with Fellow Alumni: We’re hearing more and more that Summit alumni would love to gather with like-minded peers in their own cities for discussion, study, fellowship, and outreach — even across generational lines, which would offer unique mentoring opportunities. The very first local Summit group started this summer in Dallas, Texas. Will your city be next? Our vision is to see groups sprout up around the country in 2014, and the first step is connecting people locally. Let us know if you’d like to join in at

3. Update Your Contact Info: We’re only as helpful as the data we have. Help us stay in touch with you better by updating your info at

4. Get Personal Vocational Feedback: This summer, the Summit Alumni Network has partnered with Career Direct (a ministry of Crown Financial Ministries) to offer a way of finding meaning and purpose in your God-given design, understanding why you are the way you are, and getting help at the crossroads.

Career Direct combines a well-tested and validated assessment with an in-depth personal consultation (over Skype) to achieve clarity and confidence in college and career decisions. The one-of-a-kind assessment looks at four key areas of design: personality, skills, interests, and values. Then, the consultant asks insightful questions to filter the test results and offers personalized guidance that truly fits the individual. Summit rounds out the process through special resources designed to increase application and lead to clear next steps.

For now, Summit is focusing on getting this tool into the hands of students (ages 16 – college years) so they can recognize and build on their strengths and increase the likelihood of career success and job satisfaction (while minimizing wasted college coursework or dead-end vocations). But if you’re interested in Career Direct as an adult, there’s also an occupational version that we can get you connected to. Email Paige to inquire.

For more details about Career Direct, click here.

You can contact Paige directly at 719.685.2890 or by email at

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