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June 30, 2011

Some Must Read Articles by Summit Speaker Mike Adams

Some Must Read Articles by Summit Speaker Mike Adams

The Cisco Kid
Dear Mr. Chambers: I want to bring to your attention a recent decision made by your HR team that I think does not reflect your leadership of Cisco. Dr. Frank Turek was fired as a vendor for his political and religious views, even though those views...

The Cisco Delusion of Diversity
Dear Mr. Chambers: I am deeply disappointed that I have not yet heard back from you in reference to your company’s firing of Dr. Frank Turek. I know that many of my readers

Cisco Sinks to Dishonorable Low
Dear Mr. Chambers: In my last letter to you, I pointed out the one-sided nature of a same-sex marriage forum led just last week by a Cisco Vice President on the campus of Cisco Systems. This despite the fact that your “Inclusion and diversity” officer, Ms. Marilyn Nagel, assured us that...

Holier Than Mao
An American maker of Internet routing gear is in deep public relations trouble. It has been accused of customizing its technology to help Communist China track members of a religious dissident group calling itself “Falun Gong.” It has resulted in a lawsuit being filed...

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