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November 06, 2012

Rapid Response: Summit’s Perspective on President Obama’s Win

Rapid Response: Summit’s Perspective on President Obama’s Win

As you wake up this morning you no doubt do it with the knowledge that Americans have re-elected

President Barack Obama to another four-year term. The fact that Barack Obama was elected in 2008 was historic. Who could have imagined even fifty years ago that we would have a president of African-American descent? Americans are divided along many lines, but racial differences are, in and of themselves, becoming less significant in our considerations. That is something to be grateful for.

The last four years, though, have shown that President Obama has a vision for America that is in many ways at odds with the Christian worldview, especially on issues like the value of human life, religious liberty, the sanctity of marriage, and financial stewardship. Summit and many other organizations have worked to raise our voices — and help you raise your voice — in the face of these encroachments. The vote count doesn't change the truth. Our responsibilities as citizens compel us to act long after we've left the polling place, so we will continue to do the hard work of calling attention to grievous misuse of power and training leaders to do the same.

The Obama administration now has a clear track record of implementing policy that further disorders our already wayward society and puts people of faith in untenable positions. These are the issues we must be ever vigilant of:

  • Protecting life: President Obama made clear his radically pro-abortion stance as a state legislator in Illinois, prior to his rise on the national political stage. Even The Washington Post drew attention to it prior to the 2008 election. The much-maligned Health and Human Services mandate continues that trend by forcing employers to provide abortifacient drugs for employees.
  • Preserving religious liberty: The Health and Human Services contraception mandate not only forced employees to subsidize abortion, it restricted our country's robust freedom of religion to an anemic freedom of private worship. The Obama administration has gone so far as to argue that private citizens forfeit their freedom of religion when they enter the workplace.
  • Defending the sanctity of marriage: Last spring President Obama finally overtly endorsed same-sex marriage in what was the least surprising political news of the year. We've gone to great lengths to explain why this is damaging for our country in The Journal and in two Rapid Responses.
  • Moving away from the financial recklessness: Under President Obama, the national debt has continued to balloon. As we wrote last year, this isn't just an issue of fiscal policy; it's one of morality.

Even though these issues threaten so many of the ideals that our country has held dear since its inception, we ought to remember that culture rests on much more than politics. As our colleague John Stonestreet reminded us, to believe a single politician is all-powerful is to buy into a political illusion. It's for that reason that Summit's work of training rising generations of leaders to faithfully champion a biblical worldview will continue. And that's why the work you do in your various spheres of influence needs to continue. As Abraham Kuyper said:


When principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, then battle is your calling, and peace has become sin; you must, at the price of dearest peace, lay your convictions bare before friend and enemy, with all the fire of your faith.


Regardless of what happens in the political realm, we at Summit will never stop seeking to prepare godly leaders whose courage and discernment are equal to the challenges our nation faces.

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  • November 07, 2012 // 10:06 am //  # 
    Mary Howard's avatar Mary Howard

    Your rapid response to the President Obama’s win is right on.  It is very important for this generation to understand the times in which they are living.  John Stonestreet’s reminder to believe a single politician is all-powerful is to buy into a political illusion is so true. As a parent, I encourage every young person to go through the Summit “Understanding the Times” course, or a least watch the video lectures to better equip them to protect human life, preserve religious liberty, defend sanctity of marriage, and move away from financial recklessness.  And above all, stand for God.

  • November 07, 2012 // 10:32 am //  # 
    K.M. Shelley's avatar K.M. Shelley

    As I listen to political prognosticators trying to explain why Obama won and the Republicans lost I am amazed. Obama and the Democrats have an ideology which they have been following consistently since they were controlled by the socialist in the 1920s. Each election cycle it becomes more radical than the last; Obama is the latest leader in the socialist movement in America.

    The Republicans fear the very idea of being ideological in the political platform. The closest the Republican party came to an ideology in the 20th century is when Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980; this period of time is when the Republican party was most successful. With the election of George H.W. Bush the party fled from Ideology, each election cycle since 1984 the party tries to further itself from the very idea of ideology.

    Unless and Until the Republican Party establishes what it believes and why and stand firm on that belief system it will continue to fail on the national stage. If the Republican party simply look at elections through technocratic glasses and attempts to mimic the Democrats failure is the only outcome, there will be small gains in the House and Senate from time to time but nothing significant.

    Ultimately this election is a referendum on and the wholesale rejection of the God of the Bible.
    We must in all our ways acknowledge the God of the Bible in Him is our hope and joy.

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