Mundane Faithfulness: Kara Tippetts Finishes

“My little body has grown tired of battle, and treatment is no longer helping,” she confessed. “But what I see, what I know, what I have is Jesus. … I do not feel like I have the courage for this journey, but I have Jesus — and He will provide.” Kara Tippetts provided a legacy that all should seek to emulate by being so mundane for God's glory.


Honoring Hoary Heads: The Science of Wisdom and Age

Years bring experience, but America in 2015 is worshiping youth rather than maturity. New research finds that mental faculties peak at different stages of life. The younger generation is missing out on vital interactions with their wiser and more experienced seniors.


Blurred (Main)lines: Presbyterians Redefine Marriage

Millions of churchgoers are seeking a more biblically faithful church. Forgoing traditional morality, Churches adopting cultural norms rob the Gospel of its power. Without the Power of Christ, is Church simply a Sunday morning social club?


Summit Grad Now Surgeon General of Arkansas

Dr. Greg Bledsoe attended a Summit Summer Student Conference over 20 years ago as a teenager. Little did he know then that he’d one day be tapped to spearhead important policy in the state of Arkansas. Read how Summit influenced his life as he is now Surgeon General of Arkansas.


Special Blog Entry From:  The President's Desk

What Makes America Great?

In this month's Journal, we are featuring a lecture by Dr. Barry Asmus, a renowned economist and favorite Summit speaker. Summit speakers and graduates are a large part of what is going right with America. Consider these four glimmers of hope: Biblical worldview gaining traction, pro-life advocates finding success, entertainment industry starting to turn, and religious freedom becoming a focus.


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March Journal

The March Journal features an excerpt from Dr. Barry Asmus' lecture at the 2014 Summit Adult Conference discussing the essence of economic freedom. President Dr. Jeff Myers unpacks the four glimmers of hope that make America great, and Alum Greg Bledsoe, Surgeon General of Arkansas, shares how Summit influenced his life.