What Millennials Make of Scripture

The next generation has adopted famously ambiguous views on the Christian faith, but has that affected their view of Christianity’s normative sacred text, the Bible? Yes, say researchers at the Barna Group— in two surprising ways.


Alright, One More

China’s widely criticized one-child policy, which recently saw its 34th anniversary, may soon undergo historic revisions. But the news isn’t all good. Yet, it inflicts many of the same social and moral evils on the people of China, and ultimately misses the point: The Chinese people deserve freedom to determine the size of their own families, and Chinese culture and government must learn how to value human life above social engineering projects.


Not So “Pro-Choice”

California may have just become the first state in the nation to mandate churches fund abortion, dismantling the last vestiges of a right to conscientious objection on the issue. In a letter sent to private health care insurers several weeks ago, the California Department of Managed Healthcare (DMHC) announced its new requirement that nearly all insurance plans cover elective abortions.


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From:  Summit Semester

Semester Sunsets

About a week ago, I decided to finally take the trek up “cell phone ridge”, as it’s affectionately called. This short and steep hike was supposed to have some of the best views in the area. I had just finished eating dinner, had an hour to spare before evening class, so I thought, “why not?” (Yes, hiking right after eating is always a great plan)