The Media Is Clueless About Sex, Says Values Voter Panel

David Knopp, a Summit faculty member, along with two other panelists discussed "Sexuality in the Hook-Up Culture" last weekend at Values Voter Summit. Knopp explained there is a gap between what the media says young adults want and what they are really looking for. This is because the Millennial generation, which has for so long allowed the Internet, TV and popular books teach them about sex, is now questioning the authenticity of those experiences.


Summit Community in a Snapshot | #summitsummer

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. So what happens when we gather over 30 Instagram photos tagged with #summitsummer from the student conferences this summer? Made up of every unique moment captured in a variety of images, the beautiful, thriving, and vibrant Summit community is displayed in a single snapshot.


Terminating Religious Liberty in California

The California state government has just ordered two Catholic colleges to cover abortions in their healthcare plans for employees, or face discrimination charges. The war over terms like “discrimination and “neutrality" should catch Christians’ eyes. Sexual liberty has in many cases replaced religious liberty as America’s “new first freedom."


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The Journal | September 2014

This month's Journal outlines the tripled capacity plans, status of the various phases, and the total cost to transform Summit into a year-round nerve center for all ages of every profession to be equipped to stand for truth in culture. Read how the grandson of the original owner of the Summit Hotel is helping to shape the building's future.


From The Christian Worldview

Episode 004: Interview with President Dr. Jeff Myers about the Larger Story of Christianity

Jeff Myers and Aaron Atwood discuss how the Bible helps us understand events, both good and bad, in our lives.