Mormonism: Will it Survive? [Free Webinar]

For many Christians, the thought of conversing with our Mormon coworkers, neighbors, and friends about our different faiths is incredibly intimidating.

This month, Summit brings you a chance to learn from apologist Brett Kunkle's vast experience at the crossroads of apologetics and evangelism. Tune in free at 3:30 p.m. (Mountain), Wednesday, August 24 for the Summit Forum, Mormonism: Will it Survive?


Why Students Walk Away

We received an email from a Christian school administrator, sharing the story of a girl who had attended the school through 12th grade. The girl had gone to a university, and after three months, she emailed her parents and said, "Please don't pray for me anymore, I no longer believe in God." This is what the school administrator's email said: "We had her for 12 years. They had her for three months. What happened?"


A Faith-Building Opportunity for Your Student

Today's Christian students are being put on trial for their faith. They are shamed, bullied, and even flunked out for standing for Jesus. At Summit, students discover how to stand for Jesus with confidence and grace. There is one more opportunity for young adults to experience Summit this summer. It's August 14-27 in Colorado. We still have a handful of seats available, so move quickly!