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Experience Over Doctrine: Finding Limits of ‘Evangelicalism’

If the Bible never makes you uncomfortable, it’s a safe bet you’re not reading the Bible as it was intended. And as American Christians adapt to a culture that seems to have made up its mind to redefine marriage and sexuality, our approach to the unfashionable doctrines of Scripture is a bellwether of our spiritual health.


For Supporters of Same-Sex Parenting, There’s Only One Answer

Is the point of social science to understand reality, or to win political arguments? In a recent study analyzing over 500 children of same-sex couples from a sample of 207,000 respondents to the National Health Interview Survey, Sullins found marked increases in “the risk of clinical emotional problems, developmental problems, or use of mental health treatment services” among children raised by homosexual couples.


Christopher Brooks’ Summit Adult Conference 2014 Address

What you think about God and his creation are the two most important aspects of who you are. You can’t have a corrupt root system and get righteous fruit from it. Throughout scripture, we see that God has a heart for people in cities. Adam had his Eden, Jesus had his Jerusalem, David had his Bethlehem. Paul said, “I have to get to Rome.” Chris Brooks has his Detroit.


Special Blog Entry From:  The President's Desk

Ferguson, Detroit, and America

When cities come unraveled, everyone with the means to do so leaves. Only the poorest and most vulnerable remain, poorer and more vulnerable than ever. Some say such problems inevitably result from urbanization. But like it or not, cities are the future. In 1800, only 3 percent of the world’s population lived in cities. By 2050, it is estimated two-thirds of the world’s population will live in large cities.


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January/February Journal

With riots in Ferguson, MO and growing anger around race relations in the U.S. the Jan./Feb. Journal addresses urban apologetics: Read an excerpt from Chris Brooks' book on why the socialist option for urban problems will never work, learn from President Myers' insights on Ferguson, Detroit, and America, and browse Doc's clippings on higher education.