Summit Student Conferences

More than a Summer Camp Experience

Find answers to your deepest questions about life, faith, and what matters

Summit Student Conference is a two-week experience where students ages 16-25 learn to engage culture, experience truth, and build relationships.

Students are overwhelmed with having to make decisions about life in a technology and performance-driven culture. Left unchallenged, students allow culture to define who they are and what they do. The unfortunate reality is that these students often abandon their faith and pursue a false reality of meaning and purpose.

Summit provides an environment where students are encouraged to explore their faith and make it their own. At Summit, students learn how to move beyond just knowing the right answers as faculty teach them how to think and live well, and help others do the same. Summit offers students a summer experience like no other!

During the summer of 2019, we will host 10 student conferences in Colorado, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.

Unique challenges exist around the desire for deep relationships and intentional conversations about life. At Summit, over 475,000 students and young professionals have discovered the value of truth and relationship.

Two-week sessions offer students:
  • Lectures from worldview experts
  • Extended mealtimes to discuss lectures
  • Q&A time with speakers
  • Small group discussions
  • Personal discipleship with staff
  • Extracurricular activities
  • A game plan for engaging with culture