Manhood, Community, and Summit Semester

When students leave Summit’s summer conference experience, they set out on a journey, continuing to unpack hard questions about their faith, purpose, and identity. The two-week session is only the beginning. Some describe their two-week experience as “drinking from a fire hose” with all the information they hear and intentional conversations that they take part in. “Imagine if you could take this experience, these two weeks, and slow it down. Extend it to about three… Read More →Manhood, Community, and Summit Semester

The Value of Work

The Value of Work

Do you enjoy working? For the most part, coming into Semester, I didn’t. I believed that people should do their best and work for God, but, for some reason, I only applied this to jobs with salaries. So when I found out that I would have to participate in “work crews” here at Summit I was . . . hesitant. Work crews involve tasks that are assigned to us for three hour periods twice a… Read More →The Value of Work

So. Much. Sand

So. Much. Sand

The beach is a wonderful place: the salt water, the waves, the wind in your face . . . and the sand. The beach is a great place to spend time with loved ones, get a tan, or even relax alone. Now imagine the greatness of the beach—but without the wonderfulness of the water. The sand on your clothes. The salty wind in your face. And imagine spending the night in this place. That is… Read More →So. Much. Sand

A Glimpse of Week One

A Glimpse of Week One

By Tristan Lyons The Summit Semester is truly a blitz of activities and learning during the first week. Though there’s always the initial slow time of getting to know people, after a few days of fellowship, the hours really begin to blend together while relationships grow. This development has been a great experience so far, and the friendships that have arisen in such a short time are quite impressive—but more on that later. Highlights from… Read More →A Glimpse of Week One

A New Beginning

Lauren Summit Semester

By Lauren Sorge The students’ stay here at Snow Wolf Lodge began with anticipation, many new faces, and breathtaking scenery. We partook in a family style dinner prefaced with some introductions. The evening continued with playing some ‘get-to-know-you’ games and then called it a night early due to many people being exhausted from their long travels. The total number of students is a grand thirty-two, plus about twenty staff. Resulting in our community being about… Read More →A New Beginning

Onwards and Forwards

Summit Semester Zoe Noel-Trapani 2016

The journey goes onwards and forwards… but first let’s look back at the journey here behind us. I cannot believe it has already been three months. I don’t know if I could even do our time here justice. I don’t know how to even begin to describe to you what has happened up here in the mountains, but I will try. 

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Growing Together

Summit Semester Elizabeth Rhodes 2016

Summit Semester is coming to an end, and with the ending of all school sessions comes examinations. But even amongst the stress of the exams, it’s easy to see how the students have grown in themselves and with each other. 

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If We Read the Bible

Summit Semester Andrew Cook 2016

If the Bible is the main way God communicates with us, then imagine what our Church would be like if everyone actually read the Bible. We have a culture of devotionals or only a few verses a day. It would be like if you got a letter and you only read a couple of sentences at a time, or started the letter half way through. How effective would that be? It wouldn’t. 

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Solitude Time

Summit Semester Kalauna Nunns 2016

Being alone is the scariest thing for some people, which is understandable. But during solitude time, you’re not actually alone. It’s just you, your Bible, your journal, and Him. Solitude time gives you time to stop, think, and pray. It really does have an impact on your life. 

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