A Case For Life

A Case For Life

We are honored to be partnered together with Save the Storks to offer students a more holistic and creative expression of pro-life issues. We invite you to join us for special lectures with Scott Klusendorf president of the Life Training Institute about life and meet a Storks. Register by clicking the buttons below. Tennessee Conference: Union University June 25 8:30-9:30 The Case for Life with Scott Klusendorf 10:00-11:00 The Case Against Relativism with Scott Klusendorf July… Read More →A Case For Life

The Legacy of Summit in the World of Arts and Entertainment

It was a summer day in 1994 and Matt and his girlfriend Amy sat on the front porch of the Grandview Hotel, preparing for their Student Conference to begin. At that moment, Matt had no way of knowing that Summit would change his life and he, in turn, would change the lives of tens of millions in the years to come. This year, 25 later, Matt serves as CEO of Sight and Sound Theater. Matt… Read More →The Legacy of Summit in the World of Arts and Entertainment

How Summit Impacts Your Future

By: Scott Northway, V.P. of Programs How would you answer questions like, “So, what are you doing this summer? Better yet, how are you getting ready for what’s after high school? How do you know that you’ll be ready? How will you pay for college?” These direct questions can be answered with enthusiasm, uncertainty, or an eye-roll. Students, we get it—with rising costs of tuition at +275% since 1985, increasing college debt with an average… Read More →How Summit Impacts Your Future

Calvin’s Graduation Speech (Session 1)

As Christ’s followers, we stand on a rock. The world has told me the rock we stand on is not a strong rock. Many people told me I did not have an answer to their questions because I was brainwashed. Through Summit, I have learned that the Christian worldview offers consistent answers that apply to the most difficult environments and offers practical ways to pursue answers to the hardest questions. Though God hasn’t given us… Read More →Calvin’s Graduation Speech (Session 1)