Caroline Abels

Caroline Abels

A Peak Experience By Caroline Abels, Nebraska The chaos of leaving for Summit wrapped spiny cords around my heart. Most people who travel understand; leaving town for two weeks takes around that time to prep for. Bitter, tired and exasperated, I boarded my plane for Denver. Walking in the doors of the hotel, probing thoughts of unfinished projects back at home plagued my mind. I barred myself off from making intimate connections with anyone. I… Read More →Caroline Abels

Andi Franklin

By Andi Franklin, mother of six Summit alumni, AZ I am so grateful to God for Summit. At the time it crossed our paths, my children were in a dark place. Living in a “party house,” all belief in God in them had been squelched. I figured what would attract him the most, in his current state, were the activities, so I put more of an emphasis on them. When he called on the phone… Read More →Andi Franklin

Julianne Petersen

By: Julianne Petersen, MO It didn’t take much for my parents to convince me to attend Summit. I researched the speakers, bought a notebook and tried to skim through books the speakers had authored. Despite all of these actions, nothing could have prepared me for those two weeks. I think I first realized this when I noticed that Sean McDowell was the first speaker. The significance of this goes back to how incredibly lost I… Read More →Julianne Petersen

Sarah Sawyers

By: Sarah Sawyers, TX I left the Colorado Springs airport after two weeks at Summit Conference feeling enlightened. Not the type the infamous hippie-esque downtown Manitou Springs would define as “enlightened.” Dr. Jeff Meyers definitely warned all of us about the New Spiritualist “enlightenment”. So what was that enlightenment? In the Enlightenment period of history, culture thought to define meaning through reason in order to understand more. In this period of my life, Summit became… Read More →Sarah Sawyers

Jessica Choe

By: Jessica Choe, Massachusetts Walking out of a small plane with my foot brushing the grounds of Colorado Springs, I could not have been more hopeless. I was in total disparity. I even hoped that there would still be a spec of anger against God left in my blackened heart. Raging doubt was already long gone. I was tired of raising my voice against God, questioning Him how he could allow such bad things to… Read More →Jessica Choe

Victoria Terry

by Victoria Terry, Florida Gratitude is the only word I have to define my experience at Summit. It is surreal to know that I learned how to help people where they are, and that God came and met me where I was.  My journey to Summit was nothing short of a miracle and I’m so excited to share it with you. I spent all four of my High School years in Kenya, Africa with my… Read More →Victoria Terry

Liz Koh

By: Liz Koh, Singapore My experience at Summit reminds me of the uphill climb from downtown Manitou Springs to the Summit hotel. I had to trust God to get me to the top. To be honest, traveling 9,000 miles away from my country to the other half of the earth without any friends scared me. From the food to the slang, many things were foreign and weird to me. I didn’t know that peanut butter… Read More →Liz Koh

Abby Kilman

by: Abby Kilman, Missouri Session One of Summit 2019 was no doubt a whirlwind of crazy moments. Snow in May. Sinus infections and pink eye were running rampant. Sitting on top of the bus, staring at one of God’s most beautiful creations, the stars, and galaxies above us. Running out of ink of my favorite pen halfway through one of the fastest lectures. 70 pages of notes, around 55 lectures. So many statistics, and yet… Read More →Abby Kilman

Love Goes Further: My Experience Staffing at Summit 

Student Conference Isabelle Ingalls 2016 Colorado Session 2

By Isabelle Ingalls  The day I flew into Colorado for staff training, it was storming. Threatening clouds covered the airport, and the winds forced us to circle the flight path again and again. Twice, three times, four, five; I began to worry as we repeatedly had to turn away from Pikes Peak. When the pilot announced that we had only enough fuel for one more circle before being forced to return to Denver, I had an… Read More →Love Goes Further: My Experience Staffing at Summit 

Students learn true identity at Summit Conference

In today’s culture students are looking for meaning but also community. Many fear that standing for the truth of a biblical worldview will leave them isolated and alone. That’s where Summit came to the rescue of Rayann, a student attending Summit’s first session of the summer. Rayann was recently adopted by a Christian family and surrendered her life to Jesus. Hoping to spend time “alone with Jesus” this summer, she discovered Summit through an internet… Read More →Students learn true identity at Summit Conference

Rebecca James

Spring Branch, TX | 18 years old My phone broke on the very first morning. I spilled water on my bed. I caught a cold. I had to take two very cold showers. And I had the best time of my life. These unforgettable past two weeks at Summit Ministries have been a game changer in my life and walk with God, and despite any mishaps, I wouldn’t give them up for the world. My… Read More →Rebecca James

Cole Reynolds

Bellaire, TX | 17 years old “Beep Beep Beep,” my alarm was going off on the second Wednesday of session three; it was time for the “Manly Man Hike.” I struggled with two options — roll back over and get another hour of sleep or get up and get moving. Thankfully I chose the first. The trail was easy at first, but as it sloped upwards it became increasingly more difficult. As I hiked up… Read More →Cole Reynolds

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