February 12–15, 2021

United States Army Garrison Bavaria, Netzaberg Chapel

It’s not easy to be a Christian today. We face pressures on our faith that cause believers to shrink back in fear and uncertainty.  Studies show that three out of five young Christians disconnect permanently, or for an extended period of time, from church life after age 15.  Only 2% of Millennials have a biblical worldview.  And a majority of evangelical adults today are afraid to talk about Christianity because they cannot answer common objections to the faith.  

Everyone is welcome, but this event is focused on evangelical Christian believers.


Megan Almon
Life Training Institute

Alan Shlemon
Stand to Reason

Christopher Yuan
Holy Sexuality

Tripp Almon
Summit Ministries


The War and Christianity (Tripp Almon)

Why Should We Trust the Bible? (Alan Shlemon)

The Case for Life (Megan Almon)

The Case Against Relativism (Megan Almon)

Bioethics: Getting the Big Picture Right (Megan Almon)

Secularist Worldview (Tripp Almon)

If God is Good, Why is There Evil? (Alan Shlemon)

Homosexuality: Nature Or Nurture (Christopher Yuan)

Texts & Hermeneutics (Christopher Yuan)

A Christian Response to Homosexuality (Christopher Yuan)

Islamic Worldview (Alan Shlemon)

Marxist Worldview (Tripp Almon)

Tactics in Defending the Faith (Alan Shlemon)


Breakout Sessions:

  • The Will of God (Tripp Almon)
  • The Resurrection: A B.E.A.R. of an Argument (Megan Almon)
  • Why I’m Not an Evolutionist (Alan Shlemon)
  • Q&A with Christopher Yuan

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