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Summit Summer is 12 days of learning, growth, and sunshine. Engage with like-minded peers, learn from Christian leaders, and explore answers to hard questions about your faith, purpose, and identity.

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Alumni Quotes:

I came here to learn new things from new people, but perhaps the greatest lesson thus far is simply how much I have yet to learn. -Houston, TX, 15 years old #SummitTN

 The combination of rigorous academics and significant heart connection has been a breath of fresh air for my soul. -Houston, TX, 15 years old #SummitTN

Coming from a background where questions were perceived to be a hindrance to faith, Summit opened my eyes to the fact that Christians aren’t lacking in the intellectual marketplace of ideas. -Prospect, TN, 19 years old

Student Conference AnnaClaire Chin Colorado 2016 staffConnect with others who are asking questions about life, faith, and what matters.

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