Summit Basecamp: Navigating a Technological and Pornified Culture

Are you in competition with technology to connect with your students?

Many teens suffer from isolation, depression, loneliness, and anxiety. The next Summit Basecamp event will focus on how pornography and the increasing use of technology plays a role in these effects. When students look for community through technology or intimacy and acceptance through pornography they slowly lose their ability to live fully as God intended. We have the opportunity as their mentors and teachers to show them a better way to view ourselves and others and live fully as Christ intended. Learn how to engage with your students in the midst of a technology-dominated culture.Start connecting with students in a way that gets their attention and reaches to the depths of their hearts. Register today and attend in-person or by simulcast.


If you are a parent, youth leader, pastor, coach, or teacher who is searching for answers about how to come alongside this generation, then this simulcast is for you. Students experience life at an incredible pace. The Summit Basecamp audience plays a part in training students on a regular basis. If you walk alongside students guiding them to think for themselves as they interact with an ever-changing culture, this event is for you.

Schedule & Speakers

This informative and encouraging afternoon will focus on topics such as technology, pornography, and how they effect communication and community. Check back soon for final speakers and schedule.


Register today to spend an afternoon with Christian leaders who will help you better understand and connect with Gen Z. Basecamp will help you feel more equipped, educated, and informed to continue caring for your students.

There are two free registration options to choose between. Join us either by simulcast from the comfort of your home or in-person in Manitou Springs, Colorado. If you have any questions, please call us at 866.SUMMIT3 or contact us here.