Homeschool Curriculum


Homeschool curriculum is an area of focus of Summit Ministries. We want to partner with families as their children grow and learn at home.

Estimates indicate that close to 2 million children are currently homeschooled in the United States. And, that number has been growing over the past 10 years. Each of those children deserves to have a homeschool curriculum that is well-rounded and based on proven learning techniques.

We provide homeschool curriculum for Bible class—from elementary to high school. No matter the age of your child, our homeschool curriculum is designed to connect with them right where they are.

Why Should I Use Summit Ministries’ Homeschool Curriculum?

There are many reasons to use our trusted homeschool curriculum. A few of those reasons are explored below.

Developed by Experts

Our homeschool curriculum was developed through a collaboration of experts in both the biblical field and the teaching field. By combining the efforts of both, our homeschool curriculum is more effective in helping your child learn about a Christian worldview in age-appropriate ways.

Age-appropriate Activities

One of the things you’ll discover as you go through our homeschool curriculum is that we have tailored the readings and activities to each age as appropriate. In some ways, this is expected in a homeschool curriculum, and Summit Ministries has delivered on this promise.

Multiple Learning Styles

In designing our homeschool curriculum, we’ve taken into account that each child learns a little bit differently. These learning styles are understood by our expert team of homeschool curriculum developers and we’ve applied that knowledge to these powerful tools for you to use right in your home.

Engaging and Fun

Our homeschool curriculum is also engaging and fun. Your children will enjoy the lessons and all of the activities and resources that go along with it. In ways that fit their age, they will learn about the Christian faith and a biblical worldview and have fun at the same time!

Easy to Use

Summit Ministries’ homeschool curriculum was specifically designed to be used in the home by parents. With easy-to-use teacher aids, you’ll have no problem teaching each Bible lesson. The true success of a homeschool curriculum is its effectiveness when used in the home. Thousands of homeschool families have used our homeschool curriculum over the past years and we know it works.

What is Unique About This Homeschool Curriculum?

Our homeschool curriculum is based on our understanding of the Christian worldview, with an emphasis on how that worldview is applied in real life. As your child goes through the homeschool curriculum, they won’t just be learning abstract concepts, they’ll be learning how to apply those concepts in practical, concrete ways.

Real-world Application

What good is faith if it’s not applied to the real world? Our homeschool curriculum prepares your child for the real world where their faith will be challenged. Not only that, but as they grow, Summit Ministries’ homeschool curriculum helps your child apply their faith to practical subjects like economics, history, biology, politics, and more.

Focuses on the Most Important Aspects of Faith

We are known for having a common sense approach to the Christian faith. We don’t “major on the minors” in our homeschool curriculum, just like we don’t do that in any area of faith. We teach the timeless, uncompromising truth of the Bible in ways that are relevant to the world today. That’s what our homeschool curriculum does at every step of your child’s development.

For more information about homeschool curriculum, visit the free curriculum section of our website.

Who is Summit Ministries?

Summit Ministries exists to cultivate rising generations to resolutely champion a biblical worldview. We accomplish this in several ways.

Developing Free Worldview Resources

Hosting Student Conferences

Providing Curriculum for both Christian Schools and Homeschoolers

Developing Free Worldview Resources

We have a huge archive of worldview resources in the form of videos and articles. These are all developed from the standpoint of apologetics—providing a defense for the Christian faith and a biblical worldview.

Hosting Student Conferences

Every summer, hundreds of students attend one of our Student Conferences in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. During these conferences, students hear from some of the foremost minds in Christianity, as they learn to defend their faith and prepare for college. The result is hundreds of students who have taken ownership of their faith and know why they believe what they believe.

Providing Christian School and Homeschool Curriculum

Another way we encourage rising generations to stand strong in a biblical worldview is through providing bible curriculum for Christian Schools and Homeschools. Thousands of kids are using these tools to understand their faith (at an age-appropriate level) and then be ready with a defense of why they believe what they believe. The study of apologetics can begin at a young age, even though it will look differently than it does later on in life.

The Focus of Summit Ministries

We are focused on helping people approach and understand life from a Christian, biblical worldview. In our culture today, there are many competing worldviews that offer an explanation for the big questions in life. Through the study and application of apologetics, we provide a solid foundation for people to feel confident in a biblical worldview.

What Areas Does Summit Ministries study?

Answers for the biggest questions in life are being offered all around us. How do we sort through this barrage of assumptions and assertions? We have identified ten areas where the biblical worldview can guide our thinking and our behavior. These areas are woven into our homeschool curriculum right from the start, in ways that are age-appropriate.

  • Theology
  • Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Economics
  • History

These 10 areas provide a comprehensive worldview that is based on biblical principles. Through the consistent application of apologetics to these 10 topics, we teach people how to defend their faith with confidence.

The History of Summit Ministries

An alarming number of Christians stumble while in college and around half will renounce their faith because they simply do not have a defense for what they believe. David Noebel, our founder and former president, almost joined those statistics while he was a philosophy student at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Dr. Noebel founded Summit Ministries in 1962 to help ground Christians in their faith, thereby enabling them to face the barrage of challenges on college campuses.

Our home is a turn-of- the-century hotel (formerly known as The Grandview), luxurious by early 20th century standards. Around this hotel, we have built our home in a complex of buildings dubbed the Summit Village. This, our home base, is located in Manitou Springs, CO at the foot of Pike’s Peak.

From 1962 until 1988, we were a small series of camp-style conferences, hosting an average of 350 students each year. After sending his own son Ryan through our program, Dr. James Dobson featured Summit Ministries on the Focus on the Family radio program in 1989, which quickly grew our attendance exponentially.

Today, with our world-renowned faculty and under the direction of President Dr. Jeff Myers, we are viewed as one of the foremost leaders in training Christians in apologetics, worldview analysis, and social engagement.