Kevin Bywater

Kevin James Bywater is a Director and the Resident Scholar of the Oxford Study Centre ( in Oxford, England. Previously he served for twenty-five years on the staff of Summit Ministries, working as a researcher, author, speaker, and the director of Curriculum and Research Departments. In 2008 he founded the Summit Oxford (now the Oxford Study Centre).

Kevin holds degrees in philosophy and theology, with strong interests in biblical theology and the relationship between the Old and New Testaments, though his wider attention spans the breadth of worldview concerns. Formerly a Mormon, Kevin became a Christian while attending Utah State University. He has a keen interest in comparative religions and apologetics, as well as how we might best have a persuasive Christian witness within post-Christian cultures. You can read a variety of his musings at his blog.

The Oxford Study Centre offers three terms of study that combine Oxford tutorials and a distinctive and advanced worldviews course. Undergraduates may earn up to 18 credits hours for the longer terms and 8 credit hours for the summer term. The program hosts both undergraduates and graduates, those currently enrolled and others, both singles and couples. It truly is a program where one may study abroad with purpose!
Kevin and his wife, Angela, live in the shire, west of Oxford, with their three amazing daughters and two rambunctious sons.