Reza Zadeh

Reza Zadeh is originally from Abadan, Iran, yet spent most of his life in Southern California. he attended Colorado State University and had the opportunity to play football for the Rams. His love of investing in others and athletics lead him to coach at the collegiate level for 2 years before he started pouring his life into others on and off the playing field.

At Colorado State University Reza studied Sports Medicine (Not using it at all unless his 5 year old boy falls off his bike) and also have graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary. He exist to help remove the scales from the eyes of others so they can see life clearly through the lens of eternity.

He and his wife Allyson have 3 children and live in Ft Collins, Colorado. Reza has a passion for Jesus and pointing people towards Him in all he does. They are on staff with Athletes in Action and spend their time sharing the Gospel with College and Professional Athletes and are intentional about training them to disciple their teammates.

Reza’s teaching typically centers on evangelism, discipleship and apologetics.