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Everyone has a worldview, even your students.
But the question is, is it biblical? 

Opinions differ about the best way to teach spiritual formation to students. What students believe about God, rather than what they know about God, is the major factor in how they will see every situation they face and how they will interact with the world around them—in essence, their worldview.

Developing this worldview in students requires intention. With Summit’s Christian school bible curriculum, you can be confident that your students will be given the tools to build a solid foundation for a lifetime of faith.

About Us

Summit Ministries has provided a worldview-based Bible curriculum to Christian schools, homeschool families, and churches for decades. We believe it is critically important to teach the rising generation of students to understand the times with God’s Word as their guide. Summit has invested in the finest educators, editors, and worldview experts to provide the highest quality resources available. We also offer professional development materials for teachers and school administrators. 

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