Beyond Biblical Integration

Beyond Integration to Immersion

Beyond Biblical Integration BookA worldview is a pattern of ideas, beliefs, convictions, and habits we use to make sense of God and the world around us. To have a biblical worldview is to let Scripture guide how we think, feel, and act in our daily lives. Christian schools can add the key adjective “biblical” through caring administrators and teachers who:

  • are actively developing their own worldviews
  • understand how a biblical worldview develops in emerging adults
  • create an immersive experience that fosters biblical worldview development
  • view school as a place to live and learn with students rather than a place to deliver lessons

Beyond Biblical Integration takes readers step by step through the process of creating an immersive environment where the key concepts of a biblical worldview are “caught” more than “taught.” Topics covered include:

  • Fundamentals of a Worldview
  • How a Biblical Worldview Takes Shape
  • Developing Your Own Worldview
  • Shaping the Heart’s Desires
  • Embracing the Chaos of Engaged Learning
  • Leading the Biblical Worldview Revolution

This book also includes a helpful Bibliography and Recommended Resource list for those who want to dig deeper.