Worldview Checkup for Students

Worldview Test for Christian High Schools

Worldview Test for Christian High School StudentsAccording to the Barna Group, fewer than 10% of younger Christians possessing an authentic biblical worldview. It is therefore imperative we identify the false worldviews that are influencing our students. If part of your mission is to instill a Christian worldview in your school, then this tool can help. Summit’s Worldview Checkup is a worldview test that provides a realistic depiction of your school’s overall worldview. With these results, you can identify and respond to the non-Christian ideas that have been adopted by your high school students.

Through a series of questions based on research and Summit’s 55+ years of worldview training, this worldview test reveals the anti-Christian beliefs and ideas that have infiltrated your students’ thinking. Through each student’s anonymous response, schools can see their school’s collective thinking and can implement resources to defend against anti-Christian ideas.

Choose from two worldview tests:

  1. Mini version (30 questions)
  2. Full version (70 questions)

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