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Summit Bible Curriculum equips you to teach your children right in your own home with life-changing biblical worldview curriculum.

Introducing Foundations

Our brand new 9th grade Bible curriculum!

Foundations is the first year in a new four-volume Understanding the Times Series completely rewritten and updated for high school.

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Inspire a Lasting Faith in Your Children

We want to walk in truth with you to transform your children’s faith and life. Summit offers the highest quality biblical worldview resources available—and at affordable prices. We’re delighted to support and assist you in your homeschooling journey.

K–12 Bible Curriculum

Time-tested Resources from Top Teachers, Scholars, and Curriculum Developers

Biblical Worldview

Builds a framework for living biblically in every area of life

Easy to Teach

Lesson plans and resources guide you step-by-step


Teaches children how to defend their faith

Engaging Activities

Games, plays, and projects that bring the Bible to life

Real-Life Application

Applies what kids are learning to today’s world

Socratic Questioning

Questions that connect a student’s mind and faith

Elementary School Bible Curriculum


Building on the Rock (K-5) lays the groundwork of worldview education for the youngest students.

• Helps young ones understand relationships with the Creator, each other, ourselves, and creation

• Easy to teach with colorful, fun lessons

• Crafted for all learning styles

Building On The Rock Bible Curriculum

Middle School Bible Curriculum

Walking in Truth Bible Curriculum

Walking in Truth (6th-8th) trains students to defend their faith and respond to counterfeit worldviews. 

  • The Christian Worldview (6th grade) covers answers to the “big questions” about God, the universe, human beings, truth, and morality.
  • Competing Worldviews (7th grade) compares and contrasts the key tenets of Christianity to Islam, naturalism, and new spirituality. 
  • Christianity in Action (8th grade available 2022) helps students understand how they can live out their Christian worldview in a post-Christian culture.

High School Bible Curriculum

Understanding the Times (9th-12th) prepares young believers to defend a Christian worldview against other belief systems.

  • Understanding the Faith shows students how to defend and promote the biblical worldviews
  • Understanding the Times teaches students how to identify and counter opposing worldviews
  • Understanding the Culture outlines the key social issues of our time and how to positively shape culture
Understanding the Times Bible Curriculum