Thinking Like a Christian

Training Kit

From TV news to public school classrooms, secular ideas are presented as “the way to think”. Much of our society has bought into this way of thinking because they don’t know how in-touch the biblical view of the world actually is.

In Thinking Like a Christian, you’ll explore ideas that will help you discover for yourself a biblical worldview.

Versatile for homeschooling, church groups or Christian schools, Thinking Like a Christian is an engaging 12-week study of the Christian worldview. The complete package comes with creative lesson plans for teaching youth through adults, including weekly projects, resources, video clips from noted Christian thinkers, and reproducible handouts, providing all the information needed to successfully teach worldviews to your group.

For homeschoolers, this curriculum includes a complete 14-week study with daily assignments, weekly projects, interactive times with parents, and two exams.

The Teaching Package includes the following: CD Leader’s Guide, Textbook, Student Journal, and Teaching DVD. The CD has a separate tract for High School, College, Adult, and Homeschool Students.

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