Merida Brooks

Merida surrendered her life to Christ in 1972 and has never looked back. She graduated from George Peabody College for Teachers in 1973, married her high school sweetheart, Sam, in 1974 and has been happily married 40+ years. They were blessed with five children in six years, thus five teenagers in house at one time which was a marvelous adventure. They have 15 grandchildren. Merida conducts parenting workshops and leads ladies’ retreats, and has served in Christian education for 31 years. Currently she is superintendent at Westminster Christian Academy in Opelousas, Louisiana. She began in the classroom, started a branch campus for WCA in Lafayette, served as principal for 14 years, and offered further instructional supervisor/teacher training for 3 years. She has been superintendent at WCA for 9 years.

“Jesus is my life, my joy and my all. His Word is my passion, along with Christian education and the next generation. I remain grateful for my salvation because I do not deserve it. I am honored to serve in Christian education.  It lets me know that Father God has an incredible sense of humor and loves me enough to put me in a position that requires absolute, desperate dependence upon Him moment by moment day by day.  Psalm 131 has become one of my favorites. My life is not my own and my deep yearning is to be found faithful in everything to which Father God calls me to put my hand.”