Kellan McIntire

Kellan and his family became involved with Summit Ministries in 2002. Through the years he had the opportunity to grow up around the Summit program and to get to know the staffers and faculty who contributed to making the conferences happen. In the summer of 2016, Kellan switched over from his full-time job with his family’s business to come and staff himself. That following autumn he was a mentor at Summit’s Semester program and then was the Men’s Staff Director for the Colorado location during the summer of 2017.  He joined the full-time team in February of 2018 to help other students to have the chance to attend the program that had been so impactful in his and his family’s life. Kellan is a Colorado native and loves traveling over his state on long drives looking for pretty views and places to go camping and sailing. He likes spending time sharing coffee, food, and fun with his family and friends. He has also been involved as a leader in youth ministry with his church through the last 4 years.

Online and Remote Conference Coordinator