Nearly Half of Gen Z Sympathetic to Hamas: New Book Details How to Win Them Back


Poll: Nearly Half of Gen Z Sympathetic to Hamas: New Book Details How to Win Them Back

“Young Americans have been thoroughly indoctrinated by anti-Israel propaganda,” Dr. Jeff Myers warns in his new book Should Christians Support Israel? Seeking a Biblical Worldview in an Impossible Situation


(Manitou Springs, CO—June 18, 2024) According to recent polling, 47% of Gen Z believes that Israel’s campaign against Hamas after Oct. 7th is unjust because of Israel’s superior wealth and military power. Gen Z is also 3 times as likely to deny Israel’s right to exist.

How did this happen, and is it possible to change the hearts and minds of Gen Z?

“Young Americans have been thoroughly indoctrinated by anti-Israel propaganda, but the situation isn’t hopeless,” says Dr. Jeff Myers, President of Summit Ministries and author of the new book Should Christians Support Israel? “Our groundbreaking polling shows that when presented with facts, a substantial percentage of Gen Z voters change their minds about their anti-Israel stance.”

In the book Myers dissects the propaganda strategies used to generate sympathy for the apocalyptic ambitions of Hamas and exposes the twisted worldview of radical Islamists and leftist progressives wanting to bring an end to Judeo-Christian civilization.

Through riveting war zone conversations with experts, journalists, citizen-soldiers, survivors, and hostage families, Myers explores how to maintain hope in the face of existential threats.

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Should Christians Support Israel? uncovers:

  • The Truth About the Israel-Hamas War:
    • How a theopolitical lens—not a geopolitical one—is the best way to fully understand what is happening in the Middle East
    •  The hard questions the mainstream media should be asking but isn’t
    • Why understanding the Bible’s approach to Israel will reorient your view of modern Israel and build your faith
  • Israel and the Battle of Worldviews:
    • How the worldview battle raging against Israel is driven by Marxist and radical Islamist aims, and advanced by terrorists
    • Facts that refute the false charges of genocide, ethnic cleansing, and white settler colonialism
    • Hamas’s endgame and who’s behind its propaganda campaign
  • Finding Solutions from a Biblical Worldview:
    • How to achieve a just outcome in the evil of war
    • The indoctrination of Gen Z and specific steps to rescue them from propaganda
    • Ways to think clearly about Middle East conflict and find hope in an impossible situation

As Dr. Myers explains, once you understand the warring worldviews at play, you’ll see what the success or failure of Israel portends for the entire Western world.

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