2020 Ideas Effect Worldview

The ideas we believe and live by affect the way we understand critical cultural issues.

What if more students had a stronger answer to their “WHY” behind their faith?

Every day, we are influenced by music, podcasts, books, and movies and then we wonder…

  • Why is it hard for Christians to discover biblical truth and know how to live it out?
  • Why is it hard to engage in conversations with friends about doubts and questions about faith?
How does a biblical worldview speak to hard questions about purpose reproductive rights, gender identity, economics, and the secular culture?
Each summer Summit teaches students how their worldview reveals their faith and the depth of their Christianity. We can’t expect students to stand strong in their faith and have intelligent conversations when they themselves don’t feel confident in their knowledge about the hard issues they are facing.
Faith is what a student believes but a worldview is how they live.

At Summit's Student Conferences:

A student's understanding of a Christian worldview nearly tripled.

A student's ability to explain their what and why behind their faith more than tripled.

A student's confidence to share their faith nearly doubled.​

A student's ability to defend their faith ​ quadupled.

A student's preparation for higher education doubled.