The Worldviews in Focus Bible studies do a masterful job…

Chuck Colson (Prison Fellowship)

This curriculum lays a solid foundation based on a biblical worldview. It will prepare a new generation to face the challenges of our postmodern culture. Every Christian young person needs this curriculum before they go to college!

Josh McDowell (Josh McDowell Ministries)

Clear, concise and compelling — I would suggest that all in America could be challenged by these materials, especially students…I am ever more grateful for the solid Biblical foundation under girding all of these materials. I commend them highly.

Adrian Rogers (Bellevue Baptist Church)

I had the privilege of teaching the Worldview In Focus: Thinking Like A Christian to a small group of home schooled students between the ages of 12 and 16. These were all Christian teens raised in Christian homes.

When I previewed the material I thought it would be a little too simple for most of the students but once the class began my eyes were opened. I was very surprised at how little these kids comprehended the sovereignty of God in their everyday lives. They had their religion in a tidy little box, separated from the rest of the world. The first couple of weeks most of the students thought I was stretching things too far. Imagine trying to find God’s hand in every article in the newspaper! By about the third week they began to see that God does indeed have something to say about everything.

One student shared that he had to change his television viewing habits because he realized that the shows he liked to watch would not be pleasing to God.

The course was easy to use. My preparation time was spent in studying and making sure I understood the concepts. The lessons were all planned for me. I just had to follow the script. There were many creative activities that encouraged the kids to see the world in a different way. I was tempted to skip some of the activities because I thought they were pretty goofy but these activities actually made the class more appealing.

Teaching this class did a number of things for me. It emphasized my need for improvement in training my children in the ways of the Lord. It left me with a hunger to know and understand more about our culture and the way we allow it to shape us. And it gave me an awareness of the desperate need for parents to make sure our children are taught how to think, live, and see the world as a Christian so that they can shape the culture and not the other way around. We cannot assume our kids have it all figured out. It is our responsibility to prepare our children.

“Who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14. I’m praying for this study. It seems even more important since September 11.

Betsy V

I want to thank you and your organization for being faithful to the Great Commission by producing EXACTLY what I was looking for to teach my youth group. Finally, some solid training materials!! You guys are a Godsend. Thank you very, very much!

Bodie Q