One of the stated goals of our school is to instill in our students a “Christ-centered worldview.” In order to achieve that goal, we have established the Understanding the Times curriculum as a foundational course in our 12th grade Bible curriculum. We feel that this study gives our students the valuable knowledge and tools they need to take on the secular worldview that they will face as they go on to college and into the work force. Our goal is to send out warriors for Christ equipped to storm the gates of Hell and claim victory over Satan’s schemes in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that the Understanding the Times study helps us prepare those ‘warriors for Christ’. Thanks for making this tool available to us.

Douglas R (Ambassadors for Christ Academy )

I never would have thought in a million years that this would have been the direction I would be taking. But the information and skills I am learning and then imparting to these kids are life-changing!

Tracy B

I am a home-schooled junior in high school and I was interested in learning more about the many conflicting worldviews in our world today. That is why my dad picked Understanding the Times as one of my courses for this school year. I feel very blessed to be reading your course. Thanks to your book, I’m now learning more about worldviews that I didn’t even know existed. To say that it opened my eyes would be an understatement. My best wishes are with you as you try to teach others about the world’s hollow and deceptive philosophies and about the truth of Christ.

Stephen D

My classmates and I took Understanding the Times as a class in high school and the vast majority of us would heartily agree that it was the best class we’ve ever taken. I will be a senior in college next year, and to date, I’ve never taken a class I learned more in or enjoyed more than Understanding the Times. Not only is the information in the curriculum educational and perfect for the world we’re living in, it is also absolutely life-changing. The amazing thing about this series is the ability of the content to impact so many aspects of our lives — an entire worldview.

Laura W

I am really enjoying teaching Understanding the Times to my daughter this year. It is so good! I would not want her to leave home without it. It’s so important to learn the things that are in your curriculum. Thank you for having an affordable home school version of it! I want to recommend it to others.

Carolyn J (Santa Ana, CA)

Ideas have power. My students can now see that power of the competing worldviews. Most importantly, they now see how the Christian worldview is true and comprehensively relevant to their lives and the world in which they live. Thank you for giving us this curriculum.

Ruth B (North Idaho Christian School)

The Understanding the Times curriculum has raised our student awareness of problems and issues from a "my" and "I" level to a local and national level. We saw kids change into responsible citizens.

Thomas B (Tri-Unity Christian High School)

These materials have had and continue to have a...I can hardly find the words to describe it...to say they're having a "profound" effect on my children and the university students seems to be an understatement. In a culture where critical thinking is neither valued nor taught, the eternal life changes that I'm seeing in many around me can be clearly traced back to the use of this curriculum.

Todd Blake (English Language Institute)

Understanding the Times hits the issue of our worldview head-on, the way our students want and desperately need.

Mark H (First Baptist Academy)

I learned so much from the Understanding the Times course! It equipped me for today’s society in the US as well as in Germany. After the course, it was easier to identify New Age, Marxist, and Secular Humanist worldviews. It was easier to see their assumptions and their ideals.

Jessie K (Germany)