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December 05, 2011



The last thing to go is...justice. I’m John Stonestreet, and this is the Point.

Last week I hosted an event with nearly 800 high schoolers that focused on issues like extreme poverty and human trafficking.  Many students engaged and were ready to jump in to find solutions. But some just didn’t care. I wondered if they were so used to being passive to all of the violence and evil they see in media, they had no idea what to do with actual victims. They were well-trained to be passive.

But at least one moment connected with the entire crowd. When a speaker announced that a woman who had enslaved and sold a 14-year girl as a prostitute had been caught and imprisoned, the crowd erupted in applause.  Even the passive ones cheered.

There’s something in us that recognizes and strives for justice. Our hearts know something is wrong with the world, and we long for wrongs to be righted. What explains this about human nature? C. S. Lewis asked that question, and it led him to Christ. And he is worth reading. For more, please come to, I’m John Stonestreet.

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