Understanding the Times Bible Curriculum

Christian High School Bible Curriculum

Understanding the Times Christian High School Bible CurriculumSummit Ministries offers an unparalleled Christian high school Bible curriculum for students, grades 10–12. The Understanding the Times series explores the differences between Christianity, Islam, postmodernism, secularism, Marxism, and new spirituality. No other Bible course so effectively equips students to engage their culture and defend their faith with sound biblical theology and powerful apologetics.

Hundreds of the finest biblical teachers and subject matter experts have contributed to this series. The Understanding the Times Bible curriculum invites students to ask tough questions and assists teachers in creating an open environment where dialogue and discussion lead to informed discipleship. As students master the big ideas behind worldviews, they will be less likely to be taken captive by false philosophies and more likely to influence their generation for Christ.

Understanding the Times is a three-part series. You can select from one semester to the full three years of this comprehensive study, which includes supplemental videos from worldview experts and primary source readings from non-Christian authors.

  • Understanding the Faith teaches the basics of the Christian faith and shows students how to defend and promote the biblical worldview against a myriad of detractors.
  • Understanding the Times surveys today’s major worldviews and teaches students how to identify and counter the bad ideas so many young adults have unwittingly adopted.
  • Understanding the Culture outlines the key social issues of our time and shows students how to engage their biblical worldview and transform our post-Christian culture.

The Understanding the Times Bible curriculum series is also available on a digital platform on SummitU. To learn more about this option please click here.