Biblical Perspectives on Gender Identity

Biblical Perspectives on Gender Identity: Empowering Parents and Leaders

Dr. Jeff Myers & Dr. Trenton Langhofer will be the guest speakers for this event!

They equipped you to engage in gender identity and surrounding conversations from a biblical worldview. Dr. Trent approached this topic from a clinical side, and Dr. Jeff from the Christian worldview side.

Fill out this form to receive Dr. Jeff’s answers to eleven frequently asked questions about gender identity.


Session Presenters

a picture of jeff myers, president of summit ministries

Dr. Jeff Myers

Dr. Jeff Myers is president of Summit Ministries. As an educator and entrepreneur, Dr. Myers has become one of America’s most respected authorities on youth leadership development. Focus on the Family founder, Dr. James Dobson, referred to him as “a very gifted and inspirational leader.” Evangelist Josh McDowell called him “a man who is 100% sold out to preparing the next generation to reflect the character of Christ in the culture.”

Dr. Trenton Langhofer

 Dr. Trenton Langhofer is a professor at Colorado Christian University. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has worked with individuals and families for nearly a decade. Langhofer is a sought after conference speaker and teacher. He has lectured nationally and internationally to large audiences on topics that include: adjustment following spiritual conversion, the themes perpetuating marital commitment in conservative protestant couples following infidelity, development of authentic intimacy in relationships, and spiritual growth and development in spiritually mature individuals and families.

What are the eleven questions in the download? 

  1. If a young person comes to me and says, “I’m transgender,” what steps should I take?
  2. Is it ever a good idea to use someone’s preferred pronouns or their new chosen name?
  3. What is the best way to approach counseling someone who is genuinely confused, given the ideological capture of the therapy profession?
  4. Where did the transgender phenomenon come from, and how did it arise with such astonishing speed?
  5. How might you help someone understand, particularly if they are a troubled youth or young adult, that what they think is related to gender is really rooted in cultural, sex based stereotypes?
  6. How is gender confusion—whether gender identity disorder or the newer “gender dysphoria”—defined in the psychiatric literature, like the DSM-5? What are the diagnostic criteria?
  7. How did it come about that a psychological ailment like gender confusion came to be treated with hormones (and then maybe surgery) as though it is an endocrine condition?
  8.   Is it true that if we don’t immediately affirm young people who identify as transgender, they are more likely to commit suicide?
  9. Does gender confusion have anything to do with same-sex attraction?
  10. What are the implications of “gender identity” for legal and civil rights protections on the basis of sex?
  11. What is the difference between “transsexual” and “transgender”? Is there one?

Families are distraught and confused. Americans as a whole, according to polling by Summit Ministries, seem baffled by the whole issue.