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The Political Animal TRAINING KIT

The Political Animal TRAINING KIT
SKU POL113-640
Weight 1.25 lbs
Author Jeff Myers
Format DVD Training Course
Length 6 Lessons
ISBN-10 0936163488
ISBN-13 9780936163482
Publisher Summit Press
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Product Description

The future of America depends on what Christians do — or don’t do.

We’re a nation on the brink. So much is at stake and Christians could change everything by getting involved. But they’re nowhere to be found.

Only 25% of evangelicals vote. Even fewer take a stand on the critical issues of our day. If America falls it will be the fault of believers who knew the truth but refused to stand for it.

Enter Summit’s brand-new Political Animal course: a credible, plug-and-play tool to mobilize your friends to engage constructively in politics.

Featuring Summit president and championship debater Dr. Jeff Myers as he dissects the myths Christians believe and shows how to engage politically — with integrity.

Each training kit comes with DVDs and a study guide. If you plan to utilize this material in a group setting, additional study guides can purchased here.

Lesson include (each video segment is approximately 20 minutes in length):

  • Engagement: Not Easy, Not Optional
  • Four Myths about Politics
  • Why Christians Avoid Politics and How They Can Embrace It with Integrity
  • Politics American Style: A Christian Tradition
  • How to Make a Difference in Politics
  • Beware

This course is perfect for a small groups, Sunday school, or individual study. It is appropriate for high school students and adults of all ages.

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Secrets of World Changers STUDY GUIDE