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November 16, 2010

Work Hard, Play Hard, Rest Hard

Work Hard, Play Hard, Rest Hard

Life here at Snow Wolf Lodge is vaguely reminiscent of life at a monastery. (Although, no one here, at least to my knowledge, plans to take any vows of celibacy.) Cloistered away in the mountains with limited outside interaction, we have ample time to think and enjoy living in community while learning to balance work, study, exercise, and rest.


Throughout the semester we have been reading Sertillanges’ The Intellectual Life, which emphasizes the importance of a disciplined life. He advises that we not mix our work and our rest. When we rest fully, it allows us to refocus on the eternal perspective of why we are working. We were created to glorify God through our work. Our reading parallels Dr. Bauman’s counsel, “When you work, work hard. And when you play, play hard. Don’t play at your work.”


After two full weeks with no break from classes we eagerly welcomed the rest brought to us by a three-day weekend. The lull in our normally fast-paced routine gave us added time to think through the information presented in class. I found myself pondering what makes me come alive, what breaks my heart, and in what ways I can be using my God-given gifts to form and fill the earth for the Kingdom of God.


Our weekend respite also gave us a chance to get out and have some fun. A handful of students hit the slopes on Saturday to ski and snowboard. Their smiling faces and sore limbs testify to the good time they had. The rest of us caught up on sleep and went into town to shop and feed our starved Internet addiction. I have to admit that I have found myself greatly enjoying our media depravation. On Sunday night, two youth groups from local churches joined us for dinner and a time of worship through music. At dinner, we had the privilege of discussing our experience at Semester with the high school students. It was a good opportunity to practice articulating the significance of what we have learned in preparation for our return home.


 The weekend culminated in an evening to honor the men of Summit Semester. We ladies wanted to show them our gratitude for their dedication to holiness. It was a successful night that ended with an impromptu dance party.


We greeted our first week of classes with much apprehension, but as our last week with Dr. Bauman approaches, the nerves have long since vanished and mixed feelings remain in their place. We anticipate his return with excitement but also regret that our final week with him has arrived. With a weekend of play and relaxation behind us, we are prepared to face his challenging questions once more. We are ready to get back to work and as we work, to work hard.

Blogger's Bio: With two years at Arizona State under her belt, Caitlin is taking a break from the world of Interior Design to attend summit semester.  Caitlin is detail oriented and pursues excellence in what she does.  In the world of interior design that means creating spaces that “meet physical needs while being both functional and aesthetically pleasing as they attest to the beauty and perfection of God.” Caitlin enjoys playing the piano, running, hiking, learning foreign languages, and working on summer staff at Summit.

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