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October 27, 2007

What we will take home

This week Dr. Don Williams visited as a guest speaker. He taught us the importance of literature for Christians, why we should care about it, how we should approach it, the different worldviews in literature, and different role models in literature. One of my favorite sessions with Dr. Williams was when he talked to us about going home.
Summit Semester has been the best semester of my life so far and none of us want to think about leaving. The thought of not seeing everyone every morning can make you melancholy. However, Dr. Williams brought up an important point about our return home.
What are we going to tell everyone about our experience here? How are we going to take the knowledge and the wisdom that we have acquired here and transfer it into our lives at home? It would be wrong not to say anything about the issues we have addressed and let others around us continue in their strain. Many of us will go back to churches that are not on track with preaching or practices and we will be faced with a decision: do we let it continue or do we say something, and how do we say it.
After sitting under Dr. Bauman for three months, I do not believe that any of us are capable of holding our tongue and letting things continue in vain. Dr. Williams outlined a few important things to remember, specifically, remaining respectful of everyone. Especially if it is our pastor that we are approaching, we should remember to ask for his vision for the church, then say that we might have something to add to it. The incorrect approach would be to condemn his vision as wrong. It will never hurt our case to be humble and establish common ground and meaningful relationships before saying anything.
To sum up Dr. Williams point, we should all remember to act in Christian love — never condemning with our words, but always seeking to help and edify in love.

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