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September 24, 2012

Weekend Delights

Weekend Delights

My alarm goes off rudely on a brisk Friday morning, announcing a new day of learning for higher causes amongst higher individuals.  Higher not because of status, name, blood, or knowledge.  Higher because we were called to be higher, meant to shed light and embody not only the image of Christ, but by His grace be transformed into His very essence.  I step outside on the outer deck with prayer in my heart, tired, but determined to make better use of morning than most.  I read through Titus, went on to reciting Jude –my current favorite– and soon ended with the prayer.  I staggered in for breakfast as my fellow peers had begun to sing my second favorite doxology:


Praise God from who all blessings flow

Praise Him all creatures here below

Praise Him above ye heavenly Hosts

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost



            Later on, after Eric Smith had laid down basic archaeological finds in reference to Old Testament scripture, we had been assigned various tasks on the grounds of Snow Wolf Lodge.  Diggin ditches is not exactly for the faint of heart to be honest, nor the socially awkward in which we were lacking.  Robust conversations and singing songs from The Sound of Music along with a little diddy known as “There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza.”  Perhaps not the most intellectually challenging thing we could have been doing, but that simply wasn't the point.  We were there with one another, spending time and creating memories, timeless experiences that will be reflected with joy when we pass on from this life onto the next, and all of the seriousness could come later.


            Saturday was more simple for myself, floating through the day but engaged with my new friends around me. Looking more deeply into scripture and how to read the Bible with Eric Smith, who upon leaving later that day had spurred us on further in our reading of the Old Testament, to dig deep and rich into the text.  Not to regurgitate information later on, but to have a better grasp of Testament relations and to understand deeper the gravity of Jesus' sacrifice for man.  Lunch was a fun thing that day, celebrating in the manner of the hobbits with “second breakfast” and feasting upon baked oatmeal and bacon strips.


            Sunday was blissful to say the least, being greeted warmly at the local church we attend in Pagosa Springs.  The service was a good'ole boy, describing what it meant to knock on the door faithfully and continually for the prize that is Christ.  A light lunch in a local park beside the San Juan River proved a cathartic experience, processing information about our faith and ourselves.  Soon after, a handful of students and staffed climbed into a van to go to a local coffee shop, Higher Grounds.  Many of us sat still facing our laptops, speaking with friends or skyping with family about the most interesting thing we had learned or making phone calls to friends to hear familiar missed voices.  I felt tired today, not overworked or stressed, only an acknowledgment of a week well spent.  And in truth, there are many more weeks here beyond this current moment that I look forward to in my brief yet profound stay here at Summit Semester, stored in the mountains with a cup of tea in one hand and a copy of Covenant History in the other.


Gunnar Nedreberg

Gunnar Nedreberg, 21

Jasper, IN

Gunnar came to know Jesus Christ at the age of 12; after being raised in a Christian home, he was humbled and finally saw the community-building love of Jesus Christ. Gunnar is seeking to become a college professor in Old Testament theology, philosophy, or medieval literature. He has been active in the Master’s Commission program, serving in two different areas. He has a heart for intellectual beauty and hopes to be able to spread the light of Jesus Christ revealed in academia.

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