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October 05, 2010

Walking through the Fourth Week

Walking through the Fourth Week

Swish, swish, swish!  A yell breaks the contented sound of our paintbrushes, “I stained my toe!”  The jovial work crew that I was a part of this afternoon made a comic sight with our paintbrushes swinging back and forth amongst each other’s bare feet.  It was someone’s bright idea to remove our shoes and precariously attempt to avoid the stained parts of the deck that we were assigned to conquer.  Work crews, the six hours a week that bond us one to another with a common goal, cause us to take ownership of this property and improve it as if it were our own.  Work makes us feel at home, because we’re pulling together for the good of the cause.


Today, our morning began with soul-renewing solitude time and then our weekly function-regulating “family meeting.”  I am so grateful for the time that Mr. Smith has scheduled into our lives here for the purpose of being alone and focusing on God.  It is a privilege that is sadly lacking in the typical college setting.  To have an hour and a half scheduled to get recharged with our Heavenly Father and to be able to process life and the things we’re challenged to ponder here is a real blessing.  When all thirty of us scatter to our individual “spots” on these forty-three acres, much mental and spiritual growth can occur.


Our so-called “family meetings” are a big part of what makes the small community of Summit Semester so tight-knit.  They are effective because we’re expected to bring up any lack of harmony between us, so instead of letting those areas fester, they can be discussed and brought to a higher ground of understanding and agreement.


Another thing that is wonderful about being here is the Smith family.  I’m so grateful that it is a family in leadership here, as opposed to a single person.  It’s a blessing that here in this atypical sliver of our lives we have a visible example of what the majority of our lives will be like after leaving here.  I love scooping Evelyn, their four-month-old baby, into my arms during meals.  Her smiles could light the lodge at night. 


Right now as I type, I’m watching Tank and Saul, our resident amusement-producing labs. They’re far better than any media entertainment that we are estranged from here in the woods.  Tank is like a wind-up toy.  All you have to do to get him going is pull his tail in front of his nose and when he notices it, he chases it until he’s either too dizzy to continue or he triumphantly snatches it. 


I’m so excited about the camping trip that is coming up this next Sunday—we’re going to the Sand Dunes!  Maybe the stains on my feet from staining today will still be there when I wiggle my toes in those great mountains of sand. 


Blogger's Bio: “Music is one of the central aspects of my existence,” Melanie states after finishing one year of a music performance degree at Luther College in Iowa.  Melanie is an accomplished cellist, and was a soloist with the youth symphony in Durango.  Melanie loves children and hopes to be a wife and mother someday. She has written articles for many different publications for Christian girls in the last few years.  “I have strived to make it my goal to obey God’s word in everything, because I know that it is through obedience that my love is shown to Him.”

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  • October 18, 2010 // 04:39 am //  # 
    Kaela's avatar Kaela

    Hi Melanie! Sounds like you’re enjoying yourself!

    I really like what you said on your bio-  “I have strived to make it my goal to obey God’s word in everything, because I know that it is through obedience that my love is shown to Him.?

    Miss you!

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