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September 12, 2008

Waking moments

Waking moments

Today was our second workday. Therefore, while others were cooking and cleaning, a large number of us students and a few staff were digging a drainage trench from 1:30 -3:35. Personally I enjoy digging. With a nice cool breeze the work was not too tedious. When about fifteen students are together it doesn't matter what is being done; fun will be had. As the shoveling and breaking of the earth commenced conversations were already soaring. Near one end of the project Lauren was commenting on how much easier the rock moving would be if we only had her tractor left at home. Fifty yards away, as she attempted to balance herself on her shovel, Sarah Ruth wondered if handless shovel balancing would ever be an Olympic sport.
Because of the large amount of rocks and the hard earth, pick axes were needed. Several of us girls took our turn but it was the guys who made the real progress. Not only does fun occur when any number of us gather together, but so does competition. It can't be helped when more than one guy is present. As Brandon ferociously swung his ax, those working nearby counted to thirty. All the guys took their turn, and in this way we made progress. Afterwards while we were gathering tools and gloves I turned around and there was Jonathon curled up in the 2ft hole. He was so happy to be finished with it he strangely had the urge to get in it. Needless to say we did our work hours with joy and excitement, made great progress, and had a great time getting to know one another more.

Work is only one aspect of our time here at Summit Semester. Class is definitely the most important part. During this first week I've been able to experience the classroom really for the first time. I love it. It is such a new experience for me to be surrounded by like-minded people my age. Though every class has been rewarding my favorite has been English Literature. This week we've discussed Beowulf, the Pearl, Patience, Sir Gawain & the Green Knight, and An Experiment in Criticism.
Furthermore, Dr. Bauman doesn't just tell, he asks. From these English writings we have had multiple discussion and found many things applicable to our lives. With the help of Dr. Bauman we have also come up with some hard questions. "What is a good death and what good is death?" "What books should we be reading and how?" These and myriads of other questions have taken captive all of my waking moments. In light of this first week I'm so thankful the Lord has brought me here. I know it will be a fantastic three months for every person here.

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