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November 01, 2011

Today’s Youth

Today’s Youth

Hello, my name is Steven Forester and I am a student of Summit Semester. Take a moment to stop and think about the youth of the nation. Try to imagine what they do with their lives, how they talk to each other, how they respond to information, and how they interact with authority. Once you feel that you have a pretty good picture, let me tell you about Semester.
Out here in the wilderness, you will not find what you might expect, nor will you find people who are typical in any sense of the word. You won't find an average student, teacher, mentor, or property manager. What you will find, quite to the contrary, is a group with very deep commitments. Commitments to loyalty and to respect, commitments to live and think well, and foremost, commitments to their Creator.
Imagine a place where students actually want to learn. It is a stretch I know, but try to follow me into a world where students strive for academic value and purpose. A world where everything - eating, athletics, ground-keeping, thought, and certainly relationships - are taken captive to redeem and refine them in keeping with a covenant made long before our time.  Imagine a world to which brilliant collegiate minds travel in order to invest in the lives of students who will be able to change the discouraging state of thought and the life of the mind in our time. In this world, no answer is left to chance, but instead is thoroughly investigated until it proves itself worthy of acceptance. (Fear not, the Bible proved itself quite ably.)
"Why," one might ask, "would anyone put themselves through such a process?" 
The answer is, at first, ostensibly obvious: we choose to. However, the answer to this question involves far more words than this blog post will allow and certainly more than just one semester will allow even me as a student to answer. Yet, the answer begins with your picture of "today's youth." If you have pictured correctly you will see a post-gender and postmodern lot of people saturated with bad ideas about good ideas. This picture would include a generation of students who copy and paste from Wikipedia in their midterm papers and have an attention span of about eight seconds. You will see a generation of thinkers dominated by men like Jacques Derrida, who claims in his text that a text can have no meaning. (Yes, this is real. Go read his book and find out what he means.)
We, the thirty-one students at Summit Semester, have chosen to be here and be different than that picture. We have chosen not to take ideas lightly but instead to think deeply, and we have committed to live to the fullness for which our Creator intended us. We will step into the hot seat every day and offer up our ideas and assumptions to judgment from our peers, our professors, and especially from the Word of Truth. Here at Semester we will learn how to think critically about our Father's world instead of absorbing empty deception. I have never been so happy to lose a debate or experience embarrassment. Here I, gain wisdom from my own failures and have the constant input of devoted teachers.
I would respectfully submit to any student that Summit Semester will better prepare them for their first semester in college - and well beyond that I might add - than any other gap-year program around. I would say this because Summit teaches students how to digest the gluttonous amount of information shoved down our throats each day. The teaching here addresses and strengthens us for every sphere of life and thought. What we are learning will enhance the quality of life, thought, and the relationships we form for the rest of our lives, both with our fellow man and our Creator.  

Steven Forester

Steven is a great lover of music and theater. He hopes to attend Grove City College to study music and education. He was in numerous plays throughout highschool, including Fiddler on the Roof, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and played baritone in the orchestra for It’s A Wonderful Life. He loves sports, being outside, and being part of great discussions.


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  • November 02, 2011 // 06:17 am //  # 
    Melanie's avatar Melanie

    VERY well written!!

  • November 23, 2011 // 03:28 pm //  # 
    Fred Forester's avatar Fred Forester

    Great thoughts, my son.  I am proud of you (and all your classmates) for struggling to find and be convinced of the reality of your faith.

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