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October 02, 2007

Time has passed quickly

Good grief, has a quarter of the semester gone by already? I find it hard to believe that three weeks of the semester have passed. From the Pharisees to Montanus in Christian History, C.S. Lewis' Experiment in Criticism to Canterbury Tales in Christian Literature, and all the way from Christian Libertarianism to Augustine's Just War Theory, we have covered quite a bit of material. Yet it pales in comparison to what remains for us.
When we first arrived, the railing on the deck of the main lodge was in disrepair. One of our work crew projects has been to replace the railing with a sturdier design. It has been a joy to see it slowly coming into completion as we work together toward our goal. As a community, with such an array of individuals, we are accomplishing a project that will have a noticeable and practical result.
Tomorrow we will visit Ouray, nestled in a mountain valley and depicted as a scenic drive.

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