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September 29, 2012

Think Before Speaking

Think Before Speaking

Thursday started like any other day here at Summit, I woke up tired and coffee fixed the problem.  After breakfast we headed to our second day of class with Dr. Bauman, and that’s when things got interesting.  Upon arriving here at Summit, Dr. Bauman had informed us that he would be taking it upon himself to fix our poorly thought through ideas and make sure that we actually know why we believe what we believe.  He does this by asking difficult questions and then questioning our answers.  Often his intense questioning ends in a student fearfully admitting, “…I don’t know”.  This process is painful, but very good.  We all are learning to think before we speak.   I am certainly choosing my words with care these days.  

After our morning classes we went to lunch and had an extremely delicious, cheesy pasta!  Then we had our small groups.  My small group went extremely well.  We spent most of the time thinking about how we ought to focus more on the cross.  We agreed that if we always kept Jesus’ incredible sacrifice and our incredible need at the forefront of our minds then we would find obedience a much easier task.  We ended with prayer and agreeing to strive to focus on Christ’s actions.  

We had class again with Dr. Bauman after supper and we began to delve into church history.  I was the final one awake last night. I enjoyed listening to worship music in the late hours of the night and taking in another starry Colorado night.

Friday started with the sad news that several students and staff had fallen ill.  We would all appreciate your prayers for that.  Despite the sickness, classes go on and, of course, work crews.  Today I was on the work crew in charge of cleaning.  It was actually pretty fun.  As cleaners we get the lodges all to ourselves.  We work, joke, sing, and play. (But if any staff are reading this please know that obviously the work was the most important part… obviously :D. The fun and games of cleaning could not last forever though.  After we finished cleaning we joined the ditch digging crew for an hour.  Matthew and I hacked away with pick axes discussing which of the 7 dwarves we would each like to be.  

After supper, Dustin made the happy announcement that we all get to sleep in tomorrow! Due to the sickness going around, Dustin thinks we all need some extra sleep so classes have been delayed until 10:30!   

My 2 weeks here at Summit have already been life changing.  It is mentally challenging and relationship building.  It makes me sad to know that I only have 10 weeks left with these wonderful people.  On the other hand I am thrilled that I do get to spend 10 more weeks with these wonderful people!  God has blessed us and has definitely blessed me!   It is very exciting to look forward to spending eternity with the awesome students and staff of Summit Semester 2012!  Thanks for the prayers!  (P.S. McPherson, KS I love you!)

Daniel Cody, 19

McPherson, KS

Daniel was raised in a Christian home, but it was not until a few years ago that he stopped trying to please himself and fell into the loving and caring arms of Jesus Christ. Daniel is patriotic in the true sense of the word. God has given him a passion for the United States of America and is pursuing a law degree in order to make a difference. He has a positive view of a broken culture and is seeking to become a cultural and legal leader. Daniel is looking forward to digging into the deeper topics of Christianity, beyond milk to meat.

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