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September 15, 2012

The First Few Days

The First Few Days


They try to make it feel like a normal college. We had an orientation. They put us in dorms. They provide meals. They try really hard - but we know. We know where we are, and if I’m being honest, this experience is substantially more enjoyable than any transition to a university. Waking up every morning to see the sun peek over the mountain painting the clouds gold will not get old. But it’s the unseen blessings that I value most.

Today is the third day of the program and though class hasn’t started yet, I am building strong friendships with my classmates already. Preceding the writing of this blog, I had a conversation with four of my new friends (Kelly, Abby, Daniel, and Leah). This was a special time. Not only did we share our testimonies and times in our lives of desperation for God, but we took turns praying for each other. One friend was experiencing some residual pain and we beseeched God to shower His Spirit and peace on her. It was powerful. 

This is the value of starting class a little late: we are creating community and then starting the storm. I feel comfortable already. These people have my back on a spiritual, physical, and academic level. It seems weird since I met these people less than a week ago, but that’s what I love about this stage of life.

Class hasn’t started, but each of us has started our work. The first book assigned to us is “An Experiment in Criticism” by C.S. Lewis. This meta-literature is all about having a proper perspective when reading anything or interacting with any form of art, it’s an anti-book. I don’t fully understand the concepts so I’ll have to ask some of the staff here if they can help me. I want to be ready for when Dr. Bauman takes his place at the front of the classroom and begins his ruthless, yet brilliant teaching.

They’ve already offered themselves for any need we might have. The say the reason they’re here for us and our spiritual growth. Wow, what a blessing! The food is phenomenal. Thanks Stephen #1 & 3. 

Grace Church in Pagosa Springs has welcomed us Summit students into their congregation so warmly. They expressed how excited they are that we are finally here. I hear a few of the families will be hosting us a Sunday or two simply to show the love and community of Christ. How cool is that?

The bonds are being strengthened and this environment is incredible; I think it’s better than I imagined, and that’s saying something. If you pray, ask God we seek Him foremost, ask that we grow and mature, and ask that we increase in love, faith, and righteousness. Thank you God, for putting me here with these people at this time, You are sovereign, You are good. 


Matthew Dunavant

Matthew Dunavant, 21

Atlanta, GA

Matthew was raised in a Christian home, but it wasn’t until last year that his faith became personal and the cost accepted. Since then he continues to reorient his life towards God and His plans. Matthew has a heart for the persecuted church and is looking for opportunities to serve them. Currently he is considering joining the Navy and following in the footsteps of the founder of The Navigators. Matthew is contemplating pursuing a degree in Psychology.

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