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November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving at Snow Wolf Lodge

Thanksgiving at Snow Wolf Lodge

Hey there ya’ll!

This past week has been so full of joy and holiday excitement with all the families here, Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities, and Jeremy coming home. Let me tell you a little of what has been happening.

 Thursday morning was spent in preparation for our Thanksgiving feast.  My family came in Sunday along with several other families throughout the week to double our numbers. It was a little overwhelming at times, having so many people here and knowing that the end of our time here is coming to a close rather rapidly. But it was neat to be able to meet people’s family and friends. After the big meal, we were all on the sluggish and sleepy side. One group went for a walk, but all the cool people went out to play volleyball in the snow. The evening was filled with games and more food. 

Friday morning Nathan and Shelly took us up the mountain to cut down our Christmas tree. The rest of the day we had supplies available to design and construct our own ornaments. We are experts at paper snowflakes. By the end of the day the tree was overflowing with decorations and looking very festive. After lunch a group of the boys began to get ready for the big event of the day, but not in the way you may think though. There was much hairspray, combing, fascinating outfits, and even some razor action. What were they getting ready for, and why with such crazy hairstyles, you well may ask. Well just to pick up our own greatly missed Jeremy Kolb from the airport. Yes, there was much excitement at Snow Wolf Lodge. Those of us that stayed behind at the lodge decorated his room with sticky notes and waited in anticipation. Upon his arrival there were multiple rounds of greetings, hugs, and pictures. That night, as a family complete once again, we watched Home Alone and strung popcorn for our beautiful (and very tall) Christmas tree. We ended our evening with a game of pictionary telephone, accompanied by fresh French bread made by our very own expert baker, Steven Forrester. 

Saturday afternoon we had an intense gingerbread house-building competition (my team got second -whoop whoop!). The mentors won. They were also the judges. Hmmm. We followed our competition with a finger foods dinner and white-elephant gift exchange and pajama party. You never know what you’ll find at gift exchanges like this, and we all had enjoyed our time, even if the gift we ended up with wasn’t ideal. To keep the Christmas spirit fresh, we ended our evening with the movie, Elf.

We spent a joyful holiday weekend here at Snow Wolf Lodge, and though we know our time is drawing to a close, it was great to be able to spend so much time fellowshipping and enjoying each other as a community. That’s all for now folks. For my friends and family in Texas… I’ll see ya’ll soon.

By: Kara Manning

Kara has a fervent heart for missions. She has participated in mission trip to various locations in the US, and has also traveled to Brazil. She is active in the youth ministry at her church, helping with VBS, and leading an accountability group for teenage girls. She plans to attend Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in the near future to prepare her for the mission field, and is also interested in studying counseling. She enjoys basketball, volleyball, and sewing.

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