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December 05, 2012

Summit Ski Trip

Summit Ski Trip

On the 24th of November, twenty of us students hopped into two of the big white vans and headed for Wolf Creek. For many of us, myself included, this would be the first time ever skiing. Having only snowed once, three weeks ago, the staff told us all that hopefully the cost of the slopes would be less than usual. Once arriving, we all piled out of the vans and went up to purchase our tickets and ski rentals. Of course, having never skied before, I made sure to ask the ski rental employee if he had any pillows I could attach to my rear. Unfortunately, he told me they were all out stock, go figure. 

The students split up into different groups and I went with those who wanted to go down the slope that was one level up from the bunny slope. Getting on the lifts went fine but when exiting I proceeded to wobble back and forth and eventually fell over. One of the other students did a better job at not falling but worse at steering and as a result, she went zooming down the mountain side and continued out of the sight of the rest of the group. Eventually we caught up with her and everything was fine. Surprisingly, the snow conditions were not that bad at all. At least that is what I thought, but that's probably because I am from Georgia were we never get more than three inches in a winter. Towards the end of the day I actually became pretty good, or so I thought.

At one point, I and two other students decided that we were going to attempt to ski down a black diamond level ski slope called Treasure Falls. After mustering up enough courage to go down this cliff, off we went. Half way down the first cliff I fell flat on my face in an effort to stop. I realized when getting back up that I ended up falling right before going down another drop off into a cluster of trees. Amazing to see an example of God protecting me even when I decide to do something crazy or possibly stupid. After continuing to fall my way down the rest of the slope, we finally reached the end. 

All the students were supposed to be in the van by four O'clock. However, after thirty minutes of waiting in the vans, the last student finally shows up. As a result of such an amazing day, I think everyone slept the entire ride home. In the end, skiing was one of the best trips the entire semester, but it wasn't without a price, my entire body hurt, and the next day, it hurt even more.

Jonathan Fienemann, 19

Peachtree City, GA

Jonathan was raised in a Christian home, accepting Jesus Christ as Savior at the young age of ten. However it was not until he was seventeen that he began to glorify God through humbling seeking Jesus Christ in all ways. Jonathan has a passion for business and spreading the Gospel through entrepreneurial means. His hope is to be able to economically strengthen countries while setting the tone of what it means to run a Christian business. Jonathan is looking forward to growing in apologetical knowledge.

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