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February 27, 2012

Summit Semester is Offering a Course in C.S Lewis this Summer

Summit Semester is Offering a Course in C.S Lewis this Summer

Because he was a novelist, a poet, a literary critic, a historian, a philosopher, a theologian, and an apologist, studying the life and works of C. S. Lewis is a mini-liberal arts education.  It introduces you to academic and spiritual pursuits from across the spectrum, and often at the deepest levels.

Further, because Lewis combined his impressive and widely reaching talents in a coherent and consistent way, he is also an inspiring example of how to construct a well informed, unified, and cohesive Christian worldview.

Together, his breadth of insight and his ability to tie apparently disparate and unrelated ideas together in a lucid and logical whole make him the ideal subject for study at Summit Semester.  That study will be available through Summit Ministries for the first time in the summer of 2012.

Surrounded by the inspiring majesty of the Rocky Mountains, and part of a Christian intellectual community of like-minded young scholars committed to finding out the truth about things and to relating them properly back to Christ as their rightful Lord, the students and staff of Summit Semester will read, think, pray, and debate their way through some of the most well loved and widely read Christian literature, cultural criticism, theological analysis, and apologetics of the 20th century – in addition to which they will delve into the works of Lewis’s circle of Christian literary friends known as the Inklings, which included J. R. R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, Owen Barfield, and (more distantly) Dorothy L. Sayers.

But there’s more:

In addition to studying Lewis and his friends, Summit Semester students also pursue a course in Christianity and Politics, by which they learn (1) the principles of building Biblically responsible public policy, (2) assessing the compatibility of the competing schools of political thought with orthodox Christian theology, (3) how to approach contemporary political and social issues like terrorism, poverty relief, pubic education, just war theory, abortion, euthanasia, and international relations, and (4) doing it all in the context of the history of Christian political thought from Augustine, to Aquinas, to Calvin, to Burke, and to Smith, among others.

All this we do in conjunction with careful instruction in the Bible and in effective cultural engagement.  The entire project is worth 6 semester hours of college credit.

If you have attended one of Summit’s two-week summer sessions and found the introduction to Christian worldview training there both instructive and useful, then perhaps you see the need for studying these things in greater depth and with clearer purpose.  If so, our study of Lewis and the Inklings, of Christianity and politics, of the Bible, and of effective cultural engagement might be for you.

Every year, without fail, the students of Summit Semester testify that their time at Snow Wolf Lodge was the most educationally and spiritually productive time of their lives.  It can be so for you as well.

Do consider it. 


Dr. Michale Bauman, Resident Scholar, Summit Semester


Dr. Michael (Mike) Bauman is professor of Theology and Culture and Director of Christian Studies at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, MI. Michael is also the Resident-Scholar for Summit Semester, a Summit Ministries institute. Michael was once a member of the Editorial Department at Newsweek, a pastor in the Evangelical Free Church of America, and the President of the Evangelical Philosophical Society. He has published nearly 20 books and 50 articles and political editorials; his books include God and Man in the Twentieth CenturyMan and Creation, and Are you Politically Correct?. Dr. Bauman's latest books are 90 Days in the Christian Classics, Christianity A to Z, and Pilgrim Theology. As a former World Champion in cycling, he is a contributing editor for Ultra Cycling magazine and co-editor of The Schwarz Report

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