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November 09, 2010

Stonestreet, Snow, and Someone’s Mom

Stonestreet, Snow, and Someone’s Mom

So you may be wondering at the interesting title for my blog, but before you question my sanity, please let me explain.


We are a mere four weeks from the end of our semester (and no we don’t want to talk about it), which has brought us through class with Dr. Bauman, Dr. Williams, and Dr. Moreland.  We have been growing steadily in our theology, relationships, literary knowledge, and philosophical reasoning.  Thus, the next subject matter to attack is that of a more personal nature: vocation, calling, and our culture. Here to teach us is Mr. John Stonestreet.


In class, this week we have been discussing the impact that culture has upon us, as well as the impact we can have upon our culture.  While I could go into specifics, I would much rather leave you with a thought that often gets twisted in our society.  Churches today often talk of how we are supposed to live “in” the world but not be “of” the world, using faith as a means of blocking out all worldly things.  Here at Semester we have been challenged that Faith doesn’t take us from the world, but rather puts us into the heart of it.  The heart of our culture is a place where there are many good ideas, but the ideas are moving in the wrong direction.  As Christians, we are called to love our neighbors, and if we truly love our neighbors and are concerned for them, should we not also be concerned with the culture that affects and daily bombards them?


On to the second portion of my title: SNOW! While we have been blessed with beautiful weather this entire semester, many of the students have been hoping (praying even) for some of that beautiful white stuff we call snow.  I myself would have been completely content without any snow (perhaps being a WI native changes my perspective).  Well, this morning we awoke to a light powdered sugar dusting of snow across our Colorado landscape.  The priceless moment was when several of the students (one from FL and another AZ) were able to be in falling snow for the first time.   Being able to witness the pure awe and joy of someone seeing snow for the first time made me stop and consider just how lucky I am to have grown up sledding and ice-skating.


This brings us to the third and final element of my title: Moms.  That’s right, moms.  This evening we are expecting the arrival of both Sarah Stone’s and Robert’s moms.  You can always tell when there is family here at the lodge, because it becomes a homier place (not that we aren’t a family, or that we don’t feel at home already).  This simply means that it is nice to have visitors and to have a chance to meet the amazing families that have raised our fellow students.  So here’s to the parents (all of you): thank you so much for your support, prayer, and for sending your son or daughter here. I have learned so much from each of them!

Blogger's Bio: After one year at Indiana Wesleyan University, Allissa decided to “take a break from the familiar to test and stretch myself in hopes of reconnecting with God on a deeper and more grounded level from which I can then base my future.”  She is considering degrees in Elementary Education, Photography or Nutrition, all things that she is passionate about.  Allissa enjoys art, running, photography, yoga, camping and other outdoor activities, and has been active in 4H and AWANA.

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