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September 30, 2010



Wow, week three. It seems like it’s flying by. I’m learning so much, and I’m getting way better at ping-pong. Summit Semester is supposed to be a place where you think about things from a Christian perspective, learn about Christian history, and learn that there are holes in just about every theory you have to explain things. It is very successful in these areas. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the relationships I have developed. Don’t worry mom, I don’t mean romantic relationships; those aren’t allowed anyways. I have made friends here in these three weeks that are closer to me than some that I have known for years. As much as I would love to embarrass them in this blog, I can’t. It would ruin waiting until their parents come to visit.


Now, I was never much of a reader, so being at summit has been a very different but rewarding experience thus far. Every time I read it seems like I get better and better at retaining the information. I love getting together with the group to discuss the books we have been reading. Right now, we are working on several pieces of literature, including Shakespeare’s famous work, Romeo and Juliet.  Today, I read with a few friends, and I read the part of Romeo.  It made me realize how much of a genius Shakespeare was. It also made me realize how fun it is to read cheesy love lines using an accent. 


Despite all this adventure, Summit Semester wouldn’t be the same without Dr. Bauman. I never thought an ex-marine with a comb-over would help me learn so much. He is very good at playing my enemy and challenging my every belief. I have seen clearly that, when our beliefs are challenged, it helps us grow. If we don’t practice facing opposition now, we won’t be ready when real opposition comes along.


The most important thing I have learned at Semester is that if you don’t lay down your pride, you can’t accept God’s grace. Sometimes we don’t even realize our pride until it is pointed out to us. God spoke to me through a friend here to show me that pride. I just need to receive God’s grace rather than try doing things myself. I have grown closer to God in these three weeks than I have before.  I know that He has a plan for everyone in this community, and we are all here for a reason.


Blogger's Bio: After experiencing Summit for two years in a row, Dustin says, “I realized that thinking can actually be fun.  I was challenged to think for myself about what I really believed.”  Dustin plays the guitar, and leads worship at his church, and he also enjoys drama, football, disc golf, and tennis.  His ultimate goal is to become a Youth Pastor. “I have always had a passion to teach the Word of God and grow closer to Him with others.”

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  • October 02, 2010 // 08:10 am //  # 
    Anna's avatar Anna

    I agree smile ... and don’t let caitlin be juliet… because no one could do it as good as alex!

  • October 03, 2010 // 07:42 am //  # 
    shelley merritt's avatar shelley merritt

    Hi Dustin,

    Great post!  I love the line you wrote: ” If you don’t lay down your pride, you can’t accept God’s grace.”  That is a keeper for life!

    Keep growing and learning all that God has for you there.  What an adventure! 


    shelley merritt (anna a.‘s aunt) grin

  • October 10, 2010 // 05:18 pm //  # 
    Daphne Lomax's avatar Daphne Lomax

    I’m not worried but I hope Mr. Bauman has a sense of humor. Enjoy your fishing trip! Enjoyed reading your blog. Love ya

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