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October 07, 2010

Road Trip

Road Trip

So, the days are starting to meld together.  Being here at Summit Semester is like taking a road trip—you know where you want to end up, but everything in between is a surprise.  We've been struggling to accomplish all the assigned reading, and it seems like Bauman is intentionally giving us more than we can handle.  I've heard similar things about the Air Force Academy, where the monumental amount of schoolwork forces students to prioritize subjects and eliminate that which is educationally irrelevant.


The weather has been slowly changing, and all the non-evergreen trees have turned various shades of gold and orange.  Fall in Colorado is like living in a painting.  It's rained quite a bit this last week, culminating in an epic thunderstorm that made the mountain smell like fish.  Everything feels alive, and living this deep in the wilderness is truly a blessing.  The average temperature has been dropping slightly, and I seriously hope it's a prelude to snow.


Working on the various projects here, I've managed to stain or rip every pair of jeans (except for my Sunday best).  We trekked to Wal-Mart a few weeks ago, and I feel like it's about time to trek back.  As a group, we've sanded and stained major portions of both the guesthouse and the girl's dorm deck.  I've enjoyed seeing the transformation from old, grey-stained wood to fresh, red-stained lusciousness. I've managed to work outside all but two of my work crews, and I must say I like staining much more than scrubbing toilets.


A lot has happened in the last four weeks to myself and the community here.  We're learning and evolving as a group, which consequentially facilitates a level of learning I've never known but have come to deeply appreciate.  The conversations literally never cease, and I feel blessed to be among such fervent and humble people.  I'm looking forward to the next seven weeks, because I realize I still am like a child when it comes to theology and the pursuit of God.  We're up here, and we're discerning—pray for us.


Blogger's Bio: An accomplished musician, Alex plans to attend the University of Las Vegas to study Jazz Composition.  “I dream of becoming a well-known artist, but in reality I know God probably has something more ministry-minded in the works.” Alex hopes to go overseas after college to do mission work, then he may look for a church music ministry in need of a leader.  Alex currently teaches music to children, and participates in many different worship bands in his area.  “I love music.  God has given me talents, and I want to use them as much as possible.”

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  • October 20, 2010 // 01:02 pm //  # 
    Niki's avatar Niki

    Do you believe that what you are experiencing at Summit Semester will better prepare you for university and why/how?  Does Summit Semester offer you something that you most likely will not get at a full-time university?  What are two compelling reasons to attend Summit Semester, not a stock answer, but what you believe would be reason well enough for a parent to invest in this adventure?  And lastly, what tools/follow-up does Summit Semester provide for after you return to home/university?  How do you plan to carry on with what you’ve learned and experienced?

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