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December 04, 2010



The last weekend of the semester is here and all of us at Snow Wolf Lodge are anxious with the anticipation of returning to our families. Though many of us are ready for the semester to end, the thought of leaving this place that has slowly become our home is hard to embrace.  Change is coming. We all know it. We all fear it.  But, strangely, we all want it in some way.  Where would we be without it?


Thinking back on the first day, I remember the awkward feeling of walking into a new place for the first time.  I was overwhelmed by the thought that I was going to be here for a whole three months. The fear of change hit me like a brick wall.  And it was definitely change. 


Early fall brought us bright yellow aspens, warm weather, and volleyball—a prefect atmosphere for our new, lighthearted, and easy friendships.  The lack of confrontation for the first few weeks was blissful.  Little did we know that change was about to strike again.  By the fourth week, the idea of a Christian-utopian-mountain-top experience was over.  We realized quickly that no matter where a person might try to hide (whether it be Mars, a monastery, or Pagosa Springs) he can never escape the reality of relationships—all of them are difficult at some point.  This was the point of the semester where each of us had to decide if we were going to truly care about each other and do the hard work that comes with that, or simply let our relationships stay the same.  Thankfully, we all put on our big-kid pants and chose to confront, encourage, and love each other in a down-to-earth, realistic way.


Before we knew it, the snow was here. Sadly, with the snow came the death of volleyball and short-sleeved shirts.  This was a change that I didn’t mind. We were forced around the fireplace for hours, day after day, which made me a happy person because (1) I learned how to build a wicked fire, (2) I love fire, and (3) lots of thoughtful conversations come out of your mouth when you sit around a fire.  When we would sit around the fire I would listen to different people converse. I began to listen to the little things that had changed in each person’s thought process, in the way they organized their words, and even their accents (I could swear I heard at least one Canadian say “Ya’ll.”).  Small changes have led to bigger changes, and I am blown away by the stark difference I see in everyone compared to the first week.


Things are changing here at Summit Semester. But, then again things have been changing from day one. We can’t stop change. This is a difficult thought, and it makes us all a little uneasy.  But I have seen good come from change and think we are all ready for a little more.

Blogger's Bio: With two years completed at a local community college, Caitlin says “the idea of uncovering truth has given me an open mind concerning my education.”  Caitlin has been a wedding caterer; hospital and Red Cross volunteer, and played basketball, and softball.  She is interested in pursuing English, Science and Social Relations.  “I enjoy writing poetry as I observe God through people and nature.”

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