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October 25, 2011

Poems and People

Poems and People

Coming to Summit Semester seemed to bode a study in intellect, and the value and power of the mind. True to this representation, Summit Semester intends to shape the mind of the students, and it has certainly shaped mine. But a further advantage has been granted to me that I did not anticipate: the social structure. Sure, I knew that other students would be present. Since this is my first "college" experience, I am finally escaping my homeschool bubble to live with other people my own age.  If one side of Summit Semester is to educate the mind, something that homeschooling does as well, the other important element is the realm of society.  I can feel myself becoming softer in a sense, becoming better able to make my ideas relatable.  My knowledge is moving from the realm of the theoretical to the practical as I learn to live in community. Thus far, this particular factor has been of the greatest benefit to me.

The professors each give us a unique view and take on the particular subject at hand, yet since they all share the same worldview, we get the same essential set of core values from differing perspectives.  Particularly helpful this past week has been professor Don Williams.  Before he even arrived, I knew I would like him based on the fact that he spoke Elvish.  His knowledge of Tolkien's Middle Earth gave me a sense of having a kindred spirit, so to speak, as I am a quite fond of Tolkien myself.  Additionally, Professor Williams' book Mere Humanity proved to be a wonderful read. One major way in which his teaching helped me to grow was in appreciation of the realm of poetry. In my experience of literature, I have been little exposed to poetry in the past.  Furthermore, what I had experienced was not all that pleasant.  When Professor Williams showed up with his own book of poetry, a work that I enjoyed immensely, I gained a new impression of what poetry is and ought to be. In fact, I was inspired to write some of my own. In this way, I feel that my appreciation of this field of art, in which I had previously lacked experience, has expanded greatly.

Whether through contact with the various professors or the other students, Semester thus far has contributed greatly to me spiritually, socially, and intellectually. One particular aspect that I enjoy is the detailed schedule. I tend to be bad at time management, so having the various activities and events prescheduled has helped me learn not to procrastinate quite as much. The time I have spent here is well worth the investment. The only hard part right now is the state of sleep deprivation among the students. Still, we are so busy enjoying each other's company and the wonderful teaching of the professors, that missing a few hours sleep is hardly any price to pay.

We just passed the halfway point. I'm excited to see what the next weeks hold. 

Luke is a veteran competitor in speech and debate and comes to Summit Semester with the passion this experience has given him to be strong in his grasp of apologetics. He plans to attend Rice University, where he will pursue a degree in History/Ancient Mediterranean Studies. He plays guitar and keyboard, loves tennis, and teaches chess at the schools near his home. He is passionate about debate and his core values of logic and justice. He enjoys history, math, and science.


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